MIS Full Form

What is the Full form of MIS?

The full form of MIS is the Management Information System. MIS is a computerized technology, person, organization, and relationship analysis. Organizations use MIS practitioners to measure the advantages of investing in staff, facilities and procedures. It is a people-oriented practice that encompasses computer techniques and services to interpret and analyse information in such a way that the results are accurate.

MIS is used at large organizations to plan of customer information and other data. MIS professionals are technically skilled and concentrate on company management and information technology. They are trying to maximize the investment.

Job opportunity after MIS

After the study of MIS candidate will have various career opportunity including,

  • System Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Consultant
  • System Developer
  • Business Application Developer
  • Information System Manage
  • Business Intelligence Analyst and so on.

Benefits of MIS study

  • Recognize weaknesses and strengths in the organization.
  • Act as a planning instrument.
  • Provide a summary of all the activity of the organization.
  • Collect and analyse customer knowledge concerning forward correlations.


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