DRDO Full Form

What is the Full form of DRDO?

The full form of DRDO is the Defence Research and Development Organization. DRDO is the Republic of India department which is accountable for research and development of the army. It was created in 1958 by the integration with the DSO (Defense Science Organization) with the Technical Development Establishment & the Directorate of Technical Development and Production. Its headquarters are located in New Delhi that is under the management of the Ministry of Defence, Indian Government.

More than 5000 researchers and around 25,000 scientific, other training and research resources presently support the Organization. Many large weapons technology programs, missiles, light combat aircraft, radars, electronic warfare systems, etc., such significant developments already have been achieved.

Primary focuses of DRDO

  • DRDO aims to improve self-reliance in Defense Systems and to operate intensively towards development and design.
  • It’s resulting in the production of world-class weapons tools and devices in alignment with the quantity and quality criteria set by the three services, respectively. Navy, Army, and Air Force.
  • DRDO is an extensive network of laboratories dedicated to the development of defensive technology and multiple places of military technology, such as fighting vehicles, missiles, armaments, aeronautics, sensors, advanced computing and & Simulation, instrumentation, computer systems, unique materials, training, naval system, information systems, agriculture & life sciences.

Key activities of DRDO

  • Study and suggest Raksha Mantri more about the impact on the national security of emerging technological advances.
  • Render guidance on all research areas of weapons, weapons systems, military activities, and so on to Raksha Mantri as well as to the three services.
  • DRDO Conducts scientific research and development activities in specific national security-relevant areas.
  • Guide and manage the Department’s offices, laboratories, buildings, ranges, initiatives, and services.
  • Take part in the procurement and analysis of all weapon systems & associated technology proposed for purchase by the Ministry of Defence.
  • Economic and other technical support to institutions, universities and so on. For the research and training of personnel on areas of national security-related science and engineering.


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