3 Golden Tips to Enhance your UPSC Mains Preparation

The UPSC Examination is considered one of the toughest examinations in the country. Lakhs of aspirants take up this examination every year, but less than a thousand students make it to the final list. Most of the aspirants are told and believe that it is absolutely impossible to crack this examination in one attempt. This is a myth that has to be busted! One can, with proper preparation strategy, determination, and consistency, clear this examination in one single attempt. But UPSC is more than hard work, it demands the students to work smart. Here are 3 Golden Tips that will enhance your UPSC Mains exam preparation.

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Tips for IAS Mains

GOLDEN TIP 1: Understand the relative importance of the topic

As you already know, the UPSC exam syllabus is huge. But, the syllabus is indicative! All you need to do, is to understand the relative importance of the topics in the mains syllabus. There are topics that are more frequently asked than the others, such topics need extensive reading and revision. Make a note of such topics and revise them regularly. On the other hand, there are certain other topics that are not very important. Prioritize the topics on the basis of Return on Investment, especially if there is a time crunch after the prelims.

GOLDEN TIP 2: Go through the Previous Years’ Question Papers

The question papers of the previous years give you an idea of the nature of questions that the UPSC might ask. By doing this exercise of going through the old UPSC papers, you will also get used to the directives used in the questions, such as – comment, critically analyze, elucidate, explain etc. Keeping these things in mind while preparing will help you immensely when you pen down your answers in the examination.

Check here for UPSC Previous Year Question Papers.

GOLDEN TIP 3: Practice! Practice! And Practice!

The Civil Services mains examination is the test of a candidates understanding of the subject matter, the ability to present the thoughts clearly within the given time frame. A student gets less than 9 minutes to understand the question, frame an answer and put it onto a paper. This skill of writing good answers comes only with a lot of answer writing practice. Don’t let the fear of not being good enough, stop you from practicing answer writing. You can only become better at answer writing by answering many questions and by timing the exercise.

The candidates can make use of this UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice 2021-22, to regularly practice answer writing.

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