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BHUVAN, also called the Indian version of Google Maps, is a multi-purpose end-user satellite application platform.  It is powered by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). This software application allows the users to explore a 2D/3D representation of the surface of the Earth. The browser is specifically tailored to view India, offering the highest resolution in the region. It offers detailed imagery of Indian locations compared to other Virtual Globe Software, with spatial resolutions ranging up to 1 metre. Due to security concerns, the images available do not include any military installations in India. The content is provided in four local languages.

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BHUVAN acts as a clearing house for satellite data. It is a humongous software integrating and processing ground inputs with the help of satellite data for various different needs. All the state governments are benefitted by this software application. It experiences about 60 million user hits per month and offers nearly 3.6 lakh products, 800 GB transactions and 10 million data points. The Bhuvan portal is designed to run on slow Internet connections.

  • The Department of Land Resources in partnership with National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO has developed a web geo portal ‘Srishti’ for monitoring the Integrated Watershed Management Programme ( a component of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana). A mobile app ‘Drishti’ was also developed to integrate field level activities and its monitoring with the help of Bhuvan Portal.
  • All the assets created under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in each gram panchayat are to be geo-tagged with the help of BHUVAN. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Union Rural Development Ministry and the Department of space, ISRO in this direction.
  • “BHUVAN-GAIL” a geo-portal system for utilizing the space technology for pipeline monitoring and for addressing the pipeline safety concerns has been launched by Gas India Limited (GAIL)
  • With the objective of capturing every field-level irrigation network including dams/barrages, main and field channels, etc. and mark every irrigation structure on satellite visualisation tool Bhuvan, the Telangana Irrigation Department has signed MOU with the ISRO for setting up a Telangana Water Resources Information System (TWRIS) on the BHUVAN web portal.

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Significance of BHUVAN

Given below are the main functions which are performed by BHUVAN of ISRO:

  • It can be connected to Global Positioning System(GPS) device in real-time or playback mode
  • It allows one to download IRS data products and consume thematic datasets as OGC web services towards Geoprocessing
  • Using BHUVAN, users can chart routes, plot areas, view terrain profile and overlay images
  • It is useful for scientists as it facilitates new possibilities from the IRS geospatial data for collaborative research
  • It is also beneficial for educators. One can take students virtually to an area being studied and show them the topography, surrounding areas etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ISRO’s BHUVAN


Q 1. What is the name of the Indian Geo platform of ISRO?

Ans. India’s Geo platform of ISRO is named BHUVAN (means Earth in Sanskrit). It was introduced with an aim to evince the Indian Earth Observation capabilities from the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) series of satellites.

Q 2. What is the significance of BHUVAN?

Ans. ISRO’s BHUVAN is significant as it allows users to download specific satellite data and products, and also lets scientists, academicians, policymakers and the general public learn more about geospatial data through an easy-to-use multi-lingual interface without any additional resources.

Q 3. What is the difference between BHUVAN 2D and 3D?

Ans. Bhuvan 2D is a slick, exciting online mapping application. It provides a highly responsive, intuitive mapping interface with detailed imagery and map data embedded. On the other hand, Bhuvan 3D showcases images in a multi-sensor, multi-platform and multitemporal domain. It lets you access, explore and visualise IRS image and a bundle of rich thematic information in 3D landscape.

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