National Bird of India for UPSC

The national symbols of India are incorporated in the second chapter in India Yearbook. UPSC always asks questions from India Yearbook. It is essential to read the India Yearbook for Civil services IAS Examination. Here we are giving interesting facts about the National bird of India.

Peacock is the national bird of India and hence very important for Indians. It is really an occasional and beautiful sight for the nature-loving people. It is the symbol of elegance, joy, beauty and affection.

The peacock has correctly been chosen as the national bird of our country as it met the criterion. The criteria for choosing a bird as a national bird are many. The first and foremost thing is the bird should be well-distributed within the nation. Secondly, it must be distinguishable to the common man. It must offer itself to official representation, i.e. abstract illustration on government publications, etc. It should not be muddled with the bird symbol of any other country. Lastly, it must be connected with Indian mythologies and traditions.

National Bird of India Peacock

1. The Indian peacock is the national bird of India. Peacocks are swan-sized birds indigenous to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar.

2. The Peacock was acknowledged as the National Bird of India in 1963.

3. The peacock is well distributed within the country and familiar to the common man.

4. Peacock has a projecting reference in ancient Indian Art and Architecture as well as has a religious and mythological connection in Indian traditions.

5. In Hinduism, the peacock is portrayed as the image of the God of thunder, rains, and war, Indra.

6. Peacocks have been given full protection under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

7. Peacocks have been considered as sacred birds by Hindus. The bird is related to Lord Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva.

8. The peacocks are omnivorous, found in low altitude grasslands, forests, and adjacent human habitats.

9. The founder of the Maurya dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya, was believed to be the child of peacock tamers– Mayura-Poshakha in Sanskrit.

10. According to IUCN Red list peacock belongs to Least Concern category.

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