What is the Office of Profit?

An office of profit is a widely used term when it comes to executive appointments under national constitutions. This concept is prohibited in several countries especially in the legislature, from accepting an office of profit under the executive. This is done to secure the independence of the legislature and preserve the separation of powers.

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Why Should an MLA or MP Not hold an Office of Profit?

There is a clear statement in the Indian constitution under Articles 102(1)(a) and 191(1)(a), that an MP or MLA is not allowed to hold any office of profit as this would fetch them financial gains and benefits.

Holding an office of profit under the government by these members is subjected to grounds of disqualification.

What Comes Under the Office of Profit?

The office of profit comprises any place or position that carries or offers some remuneration, financial advantage, benefit etc.

Where has the Office of Profit Concept been Adopted from?

The office of profit concept has been adopted from the British Parliamentary model.

This concept is based on similar lines with the English Act of Settlement 1701.


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