Tips to Focus Your Mind for IAS Studies

Preparing for the IAS Examination is a humongous task. It requires an aspiring candidate to put in many hours of preparation on a daily basis for many years. Due to the effort required and the heavy workload required to cover the huge diverse syllabus, it is natural that candidates will lose focus due to stress and fatigue. Hence this article covers the art of overcoming stress, fatigue of mind and body, thereby having the capacity to focus in a sustained manner. 

Aspirants would find this article very helpful in framing their preparation strategy for IAS Exam.

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It is scientifically proven that regular exercise will reduce levels of hormones cortisol and adrenaline that induces stress in the human body. It is scientifically proven that exercise will produce endorphins, a chemical that elevates mood in humans. Hence always allocate time for regular exercise.

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Eating Habits

Make sure to eat healthy foods. The stress levels will be reduced if the brain functions at optimum levels. The brain will function at optimum levels only if the body is functioning at optimal levels. Hence make sure to eat healthy food at the right time. Don’t eat food at late midnight hours, the time when you should be sleeping. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables which will boost your metabolism and boost your brains to function properly.

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Stay Away From Negativity

Always remember there will be someone trying to demotivate you. They may try to bring down your morale by taking potshots at your ability, by constantly speaking of the difficulties involved in the scaling the colossal task of clearing the UPSC Exams. It is always important to stay away from negative people and their influences, and strictly stick to your task of achieving your objectives with unwavering commitment, dedication, determination and discipline.

Positive Emotions

Emotions is an umbrella term used to describe positive, negative emotions, feelings and moods a person experiences frequently and something that is easily recognizable. The functions of negative emotions were clear for a while, but now research was being done to learn more about positive emotions. The effects of positive emotions are listed below.

  1. Positive emotions increases our attention span, thinking abilities, and a person would have more positive thoughts
  2. Positive emotions makes a person more resilient and increases the ability to cope with the negative emotions.
  3. Positive emotions will help a person build physical, intellectual prowess.

Adequate Sleep

Always remember to give yourself adequate time for sleep after a day’s hard work. Sleep is the secret to make sure that your body and mind works in synchronization. Without sleep the body cycle will break down, thereby reducing your energy levels, productivity of your brains and completely throwing a person into very high stress levels.

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Drink Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water everyday. It not only boosts your energy levels which is required for this exam preparation, but water also reduces stress levels. Dehydration is a situation where there is not enough water in your body. Dehydration leads to higher cortisol, which is nothing but stress hormones in your body. Hence drinking plenty of water will help you avoid dehydration thereby reducing hormones that produce stress. 

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The above details would help candidates prepare for UPSC 2021.

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