Topic of the Day – INS Kalavari

UPSC Exam Preparation: Topic of the Day – INS Kalavari

The Kalvari class is a class of diesel-electric attack submarines based on the Scorpène-class submarine built for the Indian Navy. The Prime Minister commissioned INS Kalavari, the first among six Scorpene-class submarines built under the strategic Project 75 into the Indian Navy’s fleet. . The name is borrowed from India’s first submarine commissioned in 1967.‘Kalavari’ means deep sea tiger shark and is a Malayalam word.

  • It was built by Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) with technology transfer and assistance from DCNS (French industrial group specialised in naval defence and energy).
  • It is the first conventional submarine to be inducted into the Indian Navy, post induction of INS Sindhurashtra, procured from Russia in the year 2000.
  • It is built with a sophisticated Integrated Platform Management System and a highly advanced Combat Management System.
  • It has an extremely silent Permanently Magnetised Propulsion Motor. It produces minimum underwater resistance due to the design of its hydroplanes, fin and hull form.
  • The equipment is mounted inside the pressure hull on shock absorbing cradles in order to enhance its stealth capability.
  • The Submarine Tactical Integrated Combat System (SUBTICS) suite will process the information from the sonars on-board. This will help in detecting targets which can then be engaged with torpedoes or missiles.
  • It is armed with Exocet anti-ship missiles and heavy weight torpedoes.
  • Mobile anti-torpedo decoys are installed in INS Kalavari for self-defence. The torpedoes can be launched both when on surface and while submerged.
  • It has an attack-and-search periscope equipped with infrared and low light level cameras and laser range finders to spot targets on the surface of the sea.
  • The submarine is designed to undertake mine laying, area surveillance, intelligence gathering, anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare.
  • INS Kalavari is 67.5 meters long and 12.3 meters high.
  • It has a displacement capacity of 1600 tonnes and weighs 1565 tonnes.
  • It is the most modern non-nuclear stealth submarine to be inducted in the Indian Navy.

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