The Traits of a Good Diplomat

To be a diplomat for the Indian government, you need to clear the civil services exam conducted by the UPSC every year and get the required rank. The UPSC civil services exam recruits people into the Indian civil services. The services that come under its ambit are the IAS, IPS, IFS, IAAS, IRS, etc. As you would know, the IFS or Indian Foreign Service is the service you should get into if you want to become a diplomat for India. The diplomat’s job is not an easy one as he/she represents his/her country to the world. This article talks about the traits of a good diplomat.

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What are the traits of a good diplomat?

  • Should have an interest in the Art of Diplomacy

A good diplomat is one who enjoys his role and job. He should have a keen interest in the art of diplomacy. If you don’t have the interest to learn about the world and its myriad cultures, then diplomacy is not for you.

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  • A diplomat should be well-read

To be a successful diplomat you should be well-read. You should have knowledge about history, geography, languages, customs, etc.

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  • Must be fluent in the written and verbal format of any language.

You should have the ability to talk and write a good, crisp, elegant and informative piece of prose in a short time. This job entails talking to a lot of people at the top echelons of society.

  • Must have a curiosity to learn about other cultures

As a diplomat, you would be travelling and living in other countries and will have to deal with a lot of people from different cultures. You should be curious to learn about them and also should be comfortable around them. If you are wary of ‘foreigners’, the foreign affairs field is not a job for you.

  • Should have an analytical temperament

It is important to have an analytical bent of mind. You should not form opinions of others without analysing them yourself first.

  • Should be a tough negotiator

Negotiation is a critical aspect of a diplomat’s job. You will have to broker deals between governments and you should be able to get the best deal for your country in the process.

  • Should be physically and mentally fit

Such a job requires you to be on-call 24*7 sometimes. You should be in a mental and physical state to work in such a manner.

  • Should have an eye for details

As part of your job, you should ensure flawless products. This means that you should be attentive to the smallest details.

  • Should be courageous

You might be posted in a country which is war-torn or is embroiled in some strife, or in a hostile country. You should be able to work even in such unforgiving conditions.

  • Must be loyal to the country

Whatever be the circumstances, a diplomat is first accountable to his/her country. You should display uncompromising loyalty.

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