Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Officers Pay Scale and Perks

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is one of the coveted services of the country. The candidates are recruited to IFS through the Civil Services Examination. This article will provide candidates preparing to get selected in IFS, about the salary of IFS officers and perks of IFS.

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What is an Indian Foreign Service?

Though Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) are considered to be the most sought-after prestigious civil services post in India among the aspirants, yet Indian Foreign Service (IFS) has maintained its sheen over time and is still one of the most admired services.

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is a Group A Service. The recruitments are done through an All India Civil Services Exam exam commonly known as IAS Exam.

IFS Salary and IAS Salary

There is also a misconception about this post that most people think that the salary of the IFS is the same as the IAS post. But they are different and the allowances make a huge difference and also depend on the country an IFS Officer is posted to. Every year about 10-15 candidates are selected for Indian Foreign Service post. After candidates qualify the entire examination process they undergo training and generally, it takes about 3 years to be confirmed in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) from the date a candidate joins the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) as a Foreign Service Probationer/Officer.

Check IAS Salary in the linked article. Read on for more on the salary of an Indian Foreign Service officer.

Salary of IFS Officer

As it is known, after the training Indian Foreign Service Officers are posted in Indian Embassies and High Commissions across the world as well as offices of Indian Ministry of External Offices in India. When it comes to salary and perks it depends on the location an IFS Officer is posted, whether in India or foreign countries. The officers posted in foreign countries will get Special Foreign Allowance which depends on the Purchasing Power parity of that particular country. Thus, the salary structure mentioned below would vary with the Special Foreign Allowance of those officers who are posted outside India.

Grade, Rank and Salary Structure of Indian Foreign Service (IFS):

Grade Rank Basic Pay (Rs.) Grade Pay (Rs.)
Junior Time Scale Under Secretary 8000 5400
Senior Time Scale 10650 6600
Junior Administrative Scale Deputy Secretary 12750 7600
Senior Administrative Scale Joint Secretary 18400 10000
Selection Grade IV Counselor Director 15100 8700
High Commissioner/Ambassador Foreign Secretary 26000 (Fixed)

IFS Salary – Grades of IFS Explained

  • Junior Time Scale – Officers at this level join as Under Secretary and the salary is around 8000 –14000 INR
  • Senior Time Scale – An officer at this level joins as Under Secretary and the salary is around 10, 650 -16000 INR
  • Junior Administrative Scale – An officer at this level joins as Deputy Secretary and the salary is around 12, 750 –17000 INR
  • Selection Grade – An officer at this level joins as Counselor Director and the salary is around 15, 100 –18500 INR
  • Senior Administrative Scale – An officer at this level joins as Joint Secretary and the salary is around 18, 400 –22, 500 INR
  • High Commissioner / Ambassador – An officer at this level join as Foreign Secretary and the salary is 26, 000 INR which is fixed with no grade pay.  

An IFS Officer’s overall salary would be around 60000 INR including all the perks and allowances. This amount varies again depending on the country they are posted. But, it is the Special Foreign Allowance that makes a big difference in the salary of an IFS Officer like if an IFS officer is assigned at the Indian Embassy in the USA then she/he is eligible to get around 2.40 Lakhs per month as Special Foreign Allowance.  The foreign allowance given to an Indian Foreign Service officer varies with the place he/she is posted to. This allowance increases with the rise in the grade and level.  The DA currently is around 80% and if projected to be around 90% of Basic Pay then the net salary of an IFS Officer of various grades would be as given below:

Sl. No. Grade Pay Band Grade Pay
1 Junior Scale  15,600 –39,100 INR 5400 INR
2 Senior Scales – The Senior Scales is into 3 major categories                                –
i.   Senior time Scale 15600 –39100INR 6600 INR
ii.  Junior Administrative Grade 15,600 –39,100INR 7,600 INR
iii. Selection Grade 37,400 – 67,000INR 8,700 INR
3 Super Time Scale  37,400 –67,000INR 10,000 INR
4 Above Super Time Scale – Above Super Time Scale divided into 3 major categories i.e.  
i.   Super Super Time Scale 37,400 – Rs 67,000 INR 12,000 INR
ii.  Apex Pay Scale 80,000INR (fixed) Nil
iii. Cabinet Secretary 90,000INR (fixed) Nil
  1. Junior Scale – A newly posted officer pay scale would be

Pay Band Rs 15,600 –39,100 INR

Grade Pay – 5400 INR

  1. Senior Scales – The Senior Scales are divided into 3 major categories:

i) Senior time Scale

Pay Band: 15600 –39100 INR

Grade Pay: 6600 INR

ii) Junior Administrative Grade

Pay Band: 15,600 –39,100 INR

Grade Pay: 7,600 INR

iii) Selection Grade

Pay Band: 37,400 – 67,000 INR

Grade Pay – 8,700 INR

  1. Super Time Scale– It would take about 20 years for an officer to reach this grade.

Pay Band: 37,40 ade0 –67,000 INR

Grade Pay: 10,000 INR

  1. Above Super Time Scale– Again Above Super Time Scale is divided into 3 major categories i.e.

i) The Super Super Scale: 37,400 –67,000 INR

Grade Pay – 12,000 INR

ii) The Apex Pay Scale: 80,000 INR (fixed)

Grade Pay: Nil

iii) The Cabinet Secretary: 90,000 INR (fixed)

Grade Pay: Nil

 IFS Salary and 7th Pay Commission

IFS Officers Benefits under the 7th Pay Commission. The 7th Pay Commission has announced that the Indian Foreign Service Officers who currently get two increments in two years will get three increments when she/he is moved to senior level. Perks enjoyed by an IFS Officer:

  1. Wonderful accommodation of 2 or 3 BHK in cheap rates
  2. Car for commuting
  3. Household helpers and security guards
  4. Medical Treatment expenses
  5. Official vehicles
  6. Free electricity and water facility
  7. Freephone call facility
  8. Abroad study options
  9. Retirement benefits and Pension

The salary, pay scale, perks and respectable job profile are the main reasons why candidates opt for the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). If these factors also drive you to crack the exam, then check the details IAS Syllabus and accordingly start your preparation now for the upcoming recruitment.

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