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Math Calculators

With the current trends in education combined with the advances in technology, has allowed for a synergy. This synergy between education and technology has resulted in the creation of hundreds of online calculator pages by Byju’s. It’s time for students to take advantage of Byju’s online calculators, with unmatched computation capabilities! ...Read MoreRead Less

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List of Math Calculators

About Math Calculators

Across the internet there are a large number of calculators that are designed to provide assistance to students. This assistance is in the form of providing formulas, providing notes about a particular concept, showing students how a particular problem is solved and most importantly, providing every student with an interactive experience. This type of approach is the foundation for a student’s success story. Once they achieve clarity about a concept, the clarity becomes indelible, and this will continue into their higher grades as well. With state of the art technology being the backbone of Byju’s online calculators, there is a healthy mix of awe and experimentation that every student will experience, a holistic learning experience at that!

Benefits of Math Calculators

  • It’s a sense of exploration that fuels a student to learn more, to understand more and as a result to be the best. Being the best starts with a thorough understanding of what is being taught in the classroom, what the student observes and what the student reads in the textbook. 


  • But what if the student wants immediate help? They can turn to an online calculator, and get their answer, conceptual understanding and work on solved examples, all with a few scrolls. All of Byju’s online calculators are active all through the day, and night. From simple calculators for students from lower grades to more advanced calculators for students of higher grades, there is an option for a student to learn anytime.  


  • The purpose of the Byju’s online calculators is also to serve as an extension of the classroom. Every student is in need of constant reinforcement, be it on an academic level, in sports or even at home. It is this reinforcement that is constantly available to every student. 


  • Math is a subject that requires practice. There may be a lack of practice, and this can be addressed with the online calculators from Byju’s. Students are curious to know whether there are other methods that could be applied to solve a problem. There’s the advantage! 


  • Our calculators prepare the student by offering alternative methods, alternative units of measurement and the steps to arrive at a solution. This is where reinforcement becomes a student’s best buddy!


  • Technology that is seamless is the technology that powers every Byju’s calculator. This ensures that there is an “anytime” availability, without any interruptions.

Make your child Math confident for life

Ace concepts of mathematics with personalized learning

Make your child Math confident for life

Ace concepts of mathematics with personalized learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Online calculators can be used by students from lower grades such as the students from grade four till high school and even students in college can use online calculators.

Yes, Byju’s online calculators are completely free of charge. We would want students to explore all possibilities while solving a math problem!

There are three main advantages of Byju’s online calculators:


  • A constant interactive environment


  • Reinforcement of the concept 


  • Solutions with steps and examples

All the calculators are available on Byju’s US Math website and can be accessed even on a smartphone.

Students are surely at an advantage when they use the calculators as they are designed to provide a learning experience that supplements the learning experience in the classroom, or the student can learn as an individual. 

Subject matter experts in the United States syllabus for mathematics, English language experts, software developers are the core of these calculators.

Based on the needs of students the number of calculators will slowly increase, with focus on how many students require specific calculators.

Students are curious and even if they are in a particular grade, they would like to look at study material from higher grades as well. It’s this curiosity that keeps these calculators as relevant every day!

Every calculator is supported by extensive notes and diagrams, which offer the theory about a concept and visual reinforcement.

In addition to keen students who are intent upon learning new concepts, there are parents who are also able to access these calculators. This is because parents who are invested in a student’s progress in school, would like to help the students excel in their academics. These calculators are there for parents and children!