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Exponents Worksheets

Along with multiplication and division, exponents are one of the most important topics to master in order to understand the mathematical order of operations. Exponents Worksheets for students are designed to reinforce the knowledge associated with the core properties of exponents, and cover such topics as expressions and equations with exponents, negative exponents, and powers. These worksheets also feature the basic procedures involved in adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying exponents....Read MoreRead Less

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Benefits of Exponents Worksheets

Online Exponents Worksheets aid students’ understanding of the concept of powers, as well as help them gain improved insight on how to apply this knowledge to solve complex math problems that feature multiple terms and operations.

Effective methodology

Exponents Worksheets are designed to be impactful and engaging. Worksheets encourage students to keep solving problems until they are able to complete entire worksheets without any errors.


Students can work on the same set of Printable Exponents Worksheets multiple times until they are confident in their knowledge of the concepts. Repetition can allow them to analyze their improvisation and actions to determine and understand their mistakes on their own, and avoid repeating these mistakes on exams.

Easier for parents:

Not all parents can remember the core rules associated with topics like exponents, and may face difficulties in helping their children with their math homework. Exponents Worksheets for students can help promote independent learning, and help students solve problems on their own. Additionally, these worksheets are designed to be easier to understand in comparison to traditional textbooks.

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