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Free Online & Printable Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Addition and Subtraction are the basic operations for elementary school arithmetic. You can give your kid a chance to plunge into practice with a whole range of addition and subtraction worksheets, which have plenty of exercises to practice adding and subtracting single-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit numbers. These worksheets come according to your child's grade level and have varying levels of difficulty. There are pdf practice sets as well as online sheets designed for elementary school children. Children not only get exposure to a wide variety of addition and subtraction sums  but build solid foundational concepts....Read MoreRead Less

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Benefits of Addition and Subtraction Worksheets:

Understand drilling exercises

These online addition and subtraction worksheets provide your kid with an ample amount of practice questions and drilling exercises under various categories. Your kid learns to work on small to big numbers covering the basic operations on numbers from 1 to 5 digits.

Have fun while learning

These worksheets for kids contain appealing graphics and visuals, making them more interesting for the young ones. Moreover, they get a chance to get an ample amount of practice with fun facts and activities included in the worksheets.

Understand simplified concepts

Addition and subtraction worksheets for kids are available for both pre-schoolers and higher grade kids. The worksheets present the basic concepts of addition and subtraction in the easiest way possible. The kid can easily understand grouping and regrouping and how to use these skills to add or subtract numbers.

Learn with puzzles and riddles

Math can be more fun with games, puzzles, and riddles. These worksheets do just that. After a concept is introduced and exercises are given to the children to practice, the worksheets provide several topic-based games and riddles to test or recap what the kids have learned.