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Benefits of 7th Grade Ratio and Proportions Worksheets

The Ratio and Proportion Worksheets are essential learning materials for 7th graders. Regular practice with these worksheets can help students increase their understanding of these crucial topics. 

Instilling reasoning using logic:

Children can develop a keen sense of reasoning as they practice and solve problems using the Online Ratio and Proportion Worksheets. The printable worksheets cover various topics to help students understand the basics of rations and proportions and learn to use what they have learned in their daily life. 

Approaching cautiously:

The step-by-step 7th Grade Ratio and Proportions worksheets start with simple tasks that gradually increase in difficulty level. Students learn to solve these problems at their own pace and apply the concepts to real life situations.  

Studying in their own time:

The Ratio and Proportion Worksheets provide children with multi-level problems they can do either in the classroom or at home to help them understand the concepts of this topic.

Trying different formats:

7th Grade Online Ratios and Proportions Worksheets were designed to keep students engaged and eliminate monotonous studying. Worksheets are interactive, and give students interesting visual examples to help them understand the concepts being reviewed and build their confidence. 

Grade 7 Ratio and Proportions Worksheets Explained

Ratio proportion worksheets for 7th grade are designed to teach young students the basics of ratio and proportions quickly and effectively. Worksheets often contain tables of equivalent rates with two rows. Each row represents values for an item.

Below is a basic table where students need to figure out proportions and ratios from two given Kilometer and Hour values. The worksheets are arranged in order of difficulty, so the first worksheet will feature simpler problems to introduce these concepts. The proportion/ratio is defined in the beginning of the worksheets.

7th Grade Ratio and Proportion worksheets challenge students to figure out the equivalent values for one of the items across multiple, equal proportions or ratios.


Moving up in difficulty,  the table's structure stays the same, but the provided values move to the middle of the table.


The most complex problems on the worksheets feature some values in one of the rows and some in the other. Again, students need to understand the unit rates to complete these.


Some ratio proportion worksheets may contain traditional mathematical problems. These are designed to reflect real-life situations as much as possible. This helps students learn perspective and apply mathematics in practical life problems.

  1. 7th Grade Ratio and Proportion worksheets feature problems such as:

Q1: If x: y = 2:3, then what should be 2x + 3y: 4x + 5y?

Answer: If x: y = 2:3, then x/y = 2/3, or 3x = 2y, or x = 2y/3.

Applying this formula to the bigger ratio, 2x + 3y = (2 x 2y/3) + 3y = 13y/3

And 4x + 5y = (4 x 2y/3) + 5y = 23y/3

So 2x + 3y: 4x + 5y = 13y/3 / 23y/3 = 13/23 = 13:23

Q2: If a 6 feet tall tree casts a shadow of 15 meters, how tall a shadow will a pole 30 meters high cast?

Here, the proportion of the tree’s height to its shadow is 6:15, which can be simplified to 2:5.

So, we present this equivalency problem as:

2:5 = 30:x (assuming x is the height of the shadow cast)

or, 2/5 = 30/x

or, x/30 = 5/2

or, x = 30 x 5/2 = 75

The answer is 75 meters.

By practicing using Grade 7 Ratio and Proportions Worksheets, students are encouraged to solve these expressive problems in simpler forms, find the difference between ratios, order ratios in either up or down formation, and proportionally average between numbers. The worksheets also illustrate problems that use algebraic variables that relate to real world mathematical problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 7th grade ratio and proportions worksheets are free fun and interactive printable worksheets that contain questions and stepwise solutions based on ratio and proportion that enhance the knowledge about the concept and self assessment skill.

The ratio is the mathematical term to represent the comparison of two numbers and it is represented by either a/b or a : b but proportion is the equation that tells whether the two ratios are equal or not.

The equivalent ratios are the ratios that describe the same relationship between numbers. The value of equivalent ratios is equivalent.

The ratios, whether proportional or not can be determined in three ways, first is finding the values of the ratios, second is using cross product property, and third is using the equivalent ratio table. You will find good practice questions in grade 7 ratio and proportions worksheets.

The 7th-grade ratio and proportions worksheets for students are free and printable worksheets which means the student can appear for the worksheets as many times as he/she wants and can print them also so, no need for internet connectivity for solving worksheets. The worksheet has questions based on ratio and proportion that will reinforce the knowledge of the topic and by solving real-life questions students can also apply the concept to real-life needs. In worksheets, there are different types of questions, solving those questions students have an encouraging feeling and can trace their progress. That will help in analytical thinking skill.