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Benefits of 5th Grade Dividing Decimal Worksheets

Promotes a problem-solving mindset:

Grade 5 Dividing Decimal Worksheets help students find solutions to problems featuring decimal division through reasoning and logical thinking. The worksheets encourage students to visualize and apply the concept of dividing decimals to daily life scenarios. 

Improves conceptual fluency:

These Grade 5 Online Dividing Decimals Worksheets help students improve their understanding of basic concepts, which will allow them to apply these techniques later on while studying square roots and unitary methods. The worksheets include a wide range of questions and topics that stimulate the minds of young learners.

Learn math in an interesting way:

Grade 5 Dividing Decimals Online Worksheets follow a simple stepwise approach to teaching this concept. The subject is divided into different worksheets that are designed to match the skills of the student in relation to their grade, age, and level of understanding. Grade 5 Dividing Decimals Worksheets demonstrate concepts with the help of engaging visuals such as illustrations to encourage more complete comprehension.

Helps in preparation for the exams:

Grade 5 Online Dividing Decimal Worksheets help students prepare for their exams in a comprehensive manner by covering a diverse range of topics and including various types of problems.

Grade 5 Dividing Decimal Worksheets Explained

The process for dividing decimals is similar to dividing whole numbers. 

There are 2 different ways to divide decimals:

Dividing decimals by whole numbers

Dividing a decimal by another decimal 

Dividing decimals by whole numbers:

In math, there are a few rules which need to be followed when dividing decimals.

Write the equation in the standard form.


4 15.32

The next step will be to divide the whole number part of the decimal by the divisor. 


4 15.32



Bring down the tens-place digit (the first number to the right of the decimal) and then place the decimal point in the quotient (sum) on top of the dividend’s decimal point.


4 15.32



After this, proceed with the division process till the remainder is zero.


4 15.32







Therefore 15.32 ÷ 4 = 3.38

Dividing a decimal by another decimal 

To divide decimals, the divisor needs to be converted into a whole number by shifting the decimal point towards the right. The dividend's decimal point will then shift the same number of places. After adjusting the numbers, the regular long division method can be followed.

Example; 24.832 ÷ 0.34

The given divisor is 0.34 and the dividend is 24.832.

We will have to change the divisor, 0.34, into a whole number by moving the decimal point two places to the right. This means the dividend's decimal point must also move two places to the right.

Example: 24.832 ÷ 0.34 = 2482.3 ÷ 34

Now we can perform regular long division to get the answer. 

The Grade 5 Dividing Decimals Online Worksheets have been curated specifically to challenge students while providing an enjoyable experience. With the help of these worksheets, students will be motivated to hone their math skills and learn to interpret various problem sums logically and independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

A decimal point separates the fractional and whole parts of a decimal number. The decimal point is followed by numbers that are less than one. Dealing with decimal numbers may initially appear difficult and perplexing, although it is very comparable to working with full numbers. 5th Grade Dividing Decimals worksheets assist students in solving problems using both long division and mental division. Students can hone their fundamental skills around decimal division using the Grade 5 Online Dividing Decimals Worksheets to practice. The worksheets give kids a variety of questions with varying degrees of difficulty.

One important strategy that is emphasized in the grade 5 dividing decimal worksheet is to encourage students to first convert the decimal number into whole number. We must multiply 11.25 by 10 twice, or you could say by 100, in order to make it a whole number. The decimal place is effectively moved two spaces to the right, giving us 1,125. And they are then to divide the whole number with the divisor and to balance, they further divide the resulting quotient by 100 which makes dividing decimal number handy.

Every day, while dealing with things like money, weight, and length, we employ decimals. When greater accuracy is needed than whole numbers can offer, decimal numbers are utilized. For instance, we don’t always find the weight on the scale to be equivalent to a whole number when we calculate our weight on the weighing machine. Some of the decimal division worksheets are around application problems which encourage learners to use the concept of division of decimals in these real-life contexts.

Writing fractions as decimals can be less scary. All decimal denominators are based on powers of ten (100, 100, 1000, 10,000, etc.). Instead of dividing an object into thirds or fifths when imagining what a decimal would look like, divide it into tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc. The dividing decimal worksheets with images will create the visualization for the students and the students will excel in dividing the decimals super quick.

Counting the number of factors of 10 that remain in the denominator after the multiplication is all that is required. The decimal point is shifted one place to the left for each factor of 10 in the denominator. So, that is why we have to move the decimal point while solving the decimal division questions in the dividing decimal worksheets.