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Benefits of 3rd Grade Fact Family Worksheets 

Fundamental math concept

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are fundamental math operations. Students have already learned addition and subtraction in the previous grades.  Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheets focus on multiplication and division, which are the building blocks for complex math computations in the future. 

Understand Numbers Logically

Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheets feature multiplication and division problems, as well as equations involving 3 same numbers.  These worksheets can help students understand the link between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division in a logical way by solving fact family questions. 

Improve Number Sense in kids

Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheets can significantly improve number sense, and help students understand that multiplication and division operations are opposites. The worksheets are designed to teach this concept in an easy to understand way. 

Learn one operation at a time

Fact family worksheets are designed to cover one operation at a time comprehensively. Children typically learn about addition in the 1st grade. By the time they begin to study subtraction, they are familiar with the concepts involved and can learn quickly. Similarly, Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheets first help grade 3 children master multiplication facts in order to help them move on to division facts effortlessly. Students recognize the reciprocal nature of the operations naturally through fact family worksheets.

Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheets Explained 

Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheets are structured worksheets that introduce multiplication and division fact families. They are designed to reinforce the relationship between the two operations and help children build their knowledge of related facts. Children can learn about the inverse relationship between multiplication and division operations, categorizing numbers as members or non-members, finding the missing numbers, and writing their own multiplication and division facts. Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheets typically cover topics such as:

Fact family or not – Students are asked if the number sets given make up a fact family or not and sort them as members and non-members in the given columns.

Missing members – Students must find the missing members of the fact family. The numbers may be displayed in various shapes and the children must complete the family by applying the facts that relate multiplication and division. 

Complete the fact family – Students will have to write the multiplication and division facts and fill in the rest of the fact family based on numbers given to them. 

Fill in the missing boxes – Students will have to plug in missing numbers in each of four related facts to complete the multiplication and division equations of a provided fact family, presented in colorful boxes to engage young children.

Review – Students are given fact families and are asked to identify the four multiplication and division facts Children can review their fact family skills of identifying the four multiplication and division facts employing the given numbers.

Fact Family array – Students must write the related multiplication and division equations for each array of objects given to them. 

Printable Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheets can help fill in the gaps in your child’s math knowledge, give extra practice for students looking to improve their math grades, or just provide a new way of learning multiplication or division. Using BYJU’S FutureSchool Grade 3 Fact Family Worksheet can give your child a thorough review of this important topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facts that are produced using the same set of numbers are grouped together as fact families. The relationships between the numbers inside a fact family are displayed. Fact family worksheets exist for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. While addition and subtraction fact families are mainly covered in grades 1 and 2, multiplication and division fact families are introduced in grades 3. They are a good way to practice basic math skills, and automatize number facts and are perfect for homeschooling, summer study, or extra practice. With extensive fact family worksheets loaded with diverse number groupings and combinations, students can learn multiplication and division which further helps in mental math. 

Students find addition to be easier than subtraction. Doing an addition, fact family worksheet helps students in subtraction. Therefore, in addition, fact families assist students as they transition to subtraction. If they are aware that 3 + 4 = 7, they will be able to calculate that 4 will result from subtracting 3 from 7. Similarly, the multiplication fact family worksheet helps in learning division with comfort and confidence.

Fact families assist students in understanding that addition and subtraction as the inverse of one another. Fact families for division and multiplication operate similarly. Learning fact families may aid learners in being more adaptable with numbers and solve many number operation problems mentally with ease.

The grade 3 fact family worksheets provide students insight into number relationships or how the numbers relate to one another. This is exactly where the terms “number bonds” or “part-part-whole” come to life if the math program uses them. These numbers are therefore like a family because of how they relate to one another!

A group of related addition and subtraction number phrases with the same numbers in them is referred to as a fact family. There are two distinct ways to write the addition phrases for the numbers 2, 4, and 6. There are two ways to write the integers 2, 4, and 6 as subtraction phrases. This fact family consists of these four number phrases.

Fact families are collections of three numbers that can be used to multiply, divide, or add four math facts. Fact family worksheets make it easier for us to understand how addition and subtraction work together and how multiplication and division relate to one another.