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6th Grade Exponents Worksheets Explained:

Exponents worksheets for grade 6 help students to expand their knowledge about exponents and include knowing about the base as a whole number, fractional and decimal bases, negative exponents, and expressions and equations with exponents. The concept of exponents will follow the student through each grade in their journey through math in higher grades. These sixth grade exponents worksheets contain questions related to the following topics:

  • Exponents: Grade six exponents worksheets contain questions where students are asked to evaluate expressions using exponents with whole number, decimal and fractional bases.
  • Negative or zero exponents: Power with negative exponents are evaluated after shifting the numerator to the denominator or the denominator to the numerator. The power with zero exponents always has a value equal to one. These worksheets are designed with the intention to improve a student’s aptitude.  
  • Equation with exponents: Questions containing more than one power along with the equality sign are solved stepwise. These printable exponents worksheets provide stepwise solutions to each problem. Bases of power for grade 6 are mostly a whole number, a simple fraction or it could also be decimals. 

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Benefits of 6th Grade exponents Worksheets:

  • Exponents worksheets (Easy): These sixth grade exponents worksheets help the student to recall various operations and steps of evaluating powers and solving problems related to this concept. Free printable worksheets allure the student to learn concepts and apply them in the classroom or in exams.  
  • Exponents worksheets (Medium): Printable and online exponents worksheets for grade 6 make it possible for the student to perform a variety of exponent operations to solve a set of varied  problems. The student's capacity for quickly solving exponent-related problems is also strengthened. 
  • Exponents worksheets (Hard): These online as well as printable free exponents worksheets for sixth grade assist students in comprehending particular types of situations when solutions require two or more steps to be performed, and this indicates that more than two exponent expressions may be used to solve difficult problems. This also prepares students to develop solutions to such complex challenges. Such worksheets also allow a student to strengthen their problem solving skills for future grades.    

Printable PDFs & Online 6th Grade Worksheets:


Free printable exponents worksheets for sixth grade are great tools to improve problem-solving abilities and to get students ready for assessments such as standardized examinations and aptitude tests. The 6th grade exponents worksheets help the student gain a thorough understanding of the application of exponents. Attempting difficult questions that are found in higher grades is a bonus. The grade 6 exponents worksheets cover the fundamentals operation on powers and using exponents to simulate real-world issues. Learning is made more exciting by the use of visuals in the sixth grade exponents worksheets online. Online timed worksheets can also assist students improve their time management abilities, particularly when tackling specific kinds of questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The value of power with the exponent as zero, always has a value equal to one.

Free online interactive grade 6 exponents worksheets link learning multiple concepts with a fun element. These worksheets follow the common core math structure and assist the student to be completely familiar with the methods and terms used in 6th grade.

Exponents are a method that we use to write numbers in a brief and simplified form in real life. Exponents make it simple to represent repeated multiplication. Additionally, we write greater quantities using exponents, such as the distance of planets from the Earth, the population of ants on a tree, etc.

When students solve worksheets on their own, it promotes active learning as they feel a sense of accomplishment. It raises the curiosity level about exponents in relation to specific topics, and in turn, enables them to take up more challenging questions. In the exponents worksheets for grade 6 from BYJU’S Math, students also learn the method of applying step-wise solutions that further strengthens their understanding about exponents.

The properties of exponents are extensively used in mathematics, particularly in algebra. We can readily simplify expressions and solve problems in fewer steps with the assistance of the properties of exponents.