Symbol of Bohrium Bh
Atomic Number of Bohrium 107
Atomic Mass of Bohrium 270 g.mol-1
Discovered by Peter Armbruster, Gottfried Münzenberg, and colleagues

What is Bohrium?

Bohrium is a synthetic chemical element which is represented with the symbol Bh and has an atomic number 107. Its name is derived from a Danish physicist named Niels Bohr.

Chemical Properties of Bohrium

Group 7 Melting point Unknown
Period 7 Boiling point Unknown
Block d Density (g cm−3) Unknown
Atomic number 107 Relative atomic mass [270]
State at 20°C Solid Key isotopes 272Bh
Electron configuration [Rn] 5f16d7s2 CAS number 54037-14-8
ChemSpider ID 2293625 ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database.


  • Bohrium is one of the synthetic elements which is not found abundantly in nature.
  • It has an atomic number of 107 and a symbol Bh. It is assumed to be a very solid metal.
  • This metal was discovered by Peter Armbruster and Gottfried Münzenberg in the year 1976, and it is named after a physicist from Danish naming Niels Bohr, who is very well known for the explanation of the atomic structure and theory through his model.

Uses of Bohrium

  • Since the element exists in nature very rarely, it is only used for the purpose of scientific researchers and a very little number of known applications as well as effects.

Properties of Bohrium

  • Bohrium metal has around ten isotopes out of which 270Bh is the most stable one having a half-life of about 61 seconds.
  • The atomic weight of a synthetic transuranium element is mainly based upon the longest-lived isotope of the periodic table.
  • The atomic weights have to be considered as arranged as the new isotope with the longer half-life can be produced in the future.
  • In the periodic table, Bohrium belongs to the d-block and is a transactinide element.
  • It belongs to the 7th period and is one among the elements of group 7.
  • Some of the experiments in chemistry have confirmed that this metal bohrium is as heavier homolog when compared to rhenium element in the group 7.
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