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Symbol In
Atomic Number 49
Atomic Mass 114.82 g.mol-1
Discovered by Ferdinand Reich 1863

Chemical Properties of Indium

Group 13 Melting point 156.60°C,313.88°F,429.75 K
Period 5 Boiling point 2027°C, 3681°F, 2300 K
Block p Density (g cm−3) 7.31
Atomic number 49 Relative atomic mass 114.818
State at 20°C Solid Key isotopes 115In,
Electron configuration [Kr] 4d105s25p1 CAS number 7440-74-6
ChemSpider ID 4514408 ChemSpider is a free chemical database

What is Indium?

  • Indium is a very soft, malleable, ductile and post-transition material. It is a silver colored element with tetragonal structure centered in the face. Indium will be in a liquid state over a variety of temperatures, like gallium from the same group. Both the metals, Indium, and Gallium are able to wet the glass i.e sticks to the surface of the glass in contact. These are stable when reacted with air and water but they dissolve in acids. If heated above its melting point it turns into a flame with violet color.
  • Indium is not easily found or available in the environment. Cultivated lands posses more Indium than noncultivated lands.

Applications of Indium

  • Used in the manufacturing of automobile bearings, which improves anti-seizure properties and moisture resistance.
  • Used in semiconductor industries in the manufacturing of transistors, rectifiers, and diodes.
  • Used in plating applications.
  • Used in manufacturing of corrosive resistant mirrors.
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