Technetium - Tc

Technetium Symbol Tc
Technetium Atomic Number 43
Technetium Atomic Mass 97 g.mol-1
Discovered by Carlo Perrier and Emilio Segre

It is the lightest element and has a common oxidation state of 7. It has three isotopes which are radioactive and unstable. The isotopes and their atomic mass is as follows:

97Tc = 96.906

98Tc = 97.907

99Tc = 98.906

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What is Technetium?

  • Technetium (Tc) is a chemical element in the periodic table with atomic number 43.
  • It is a silvery-grey radioactive metal which looks similar to platinum.
  • The metals name is derived from the Greek word Tekhnetos which means artificial.

Chemical Properties of Technetium

Group 7 Melting point 2157°C, 3915°F, 2430 K
Period 5 Boiling point 4262°C, 7704°F, 4535 K
Block d Density (g cm−3) 11
Atomic number 43 Relative atomic mass [97]  
State at 20°C Solid Key isotopes 97Tc, 98Tc
Electron configuration [Kr] 4d5s2 CAS number 7440-26-8
ChemSpider ID 22396 ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database

Physical Properties of Technetium

  • The metal is the lightest element that has all isotopes as radioactive and none are stable.
  • Commonly obtained in a powder form which will be in grey colour.
  • Artificially generated through many ways like fission, water disposal, and neutron activation.

Certain Facts About Technetium

  • As it is radioactive metal, it is toxic and harmful to life.
  • The compound of 99Tc is very contaminative in nature and hazardous for life.
  • One must use a safety glove box while handling the chemical.

Uses of Technetium

  • Used as a catalyst similar to the way rhenium and palladium are used.
  • Protects steel from corrosion.
  • Certain compounds are helpful in the manufacture of photoelectric nuclear batteries.
  • The metal could be used to map the circulatory system and any disorders.
  • Proposedly could be used in the optoelectric nuclear batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is the Vanderwaals radius of Technetium?

0.128 nm

Which block does Technetium belong to?

Technetium is a d block element.

What is the atomic number of Technetium?


What is the atomic mass of Technetium?

98 g/mol

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