Symbol Ba
Atomic Number 56
Atomic Mass 137.327
Discovered by Barium was discovered by Humphry Davy

What is Barium?

Represented by the symbol ‘Ba’, Barium is a group 2 element in the periodic table with atomic number 56.

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About Barium

  • Barium is a dense alkaline earth metal that occurs naturally in ore deposits and makes up 0.05% of the Earth’s crust (Genter 2001). Barium and its compounds may be found in nature or produced industrially for various uses.
  • It is a silvery-white metal that can be found in the environment, where it exists naturally. It occurs combined with other chemicals, such as carbon, oxygen, and sulfur.
  • It is very light and its density is half of that of iron.
  • Barium oxidizes in air, and reacts vigorously with water to form the hydroxide, liberating hydrogen. It reacts with almost all the non-metals, forming often poisoning compounds.

Chemical Properties of Barium

Group 2 Melting point 727°C, 1341°F, 1000 K
Period 6 Boiling point 1845°C, 3353°F, 2118 K
Block s Density (g cm−3) 3.62
Atomic number 56 Relative atomic mass 137.327
State at 20°C Solid Key isotopes 138 Ba
Electron configuration [Xe] 6s2 CAS number 7440-39-3
ChemSpider ID 4511436 ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database

Uses of Barium

  • Barium is often used for spark-plug electrodes and in vacuum tubes as a drying and oxygen-removing agent. As well as fluorescent lamps: impure barium sulfide phosphorescence after exposure to light.
  • Its compounds are used by oil and gas industries to make drilling mud. Drilling mud simplifies drilling through rocks by lubricating the drill.
  • Barium compounds are also used to make paint, bricks, tiles, glass, and rubber.
  • Barium nitrate and chlorate give fireworks a green colour.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is the element barium used for?

Barium is a soft, silvery metal that rapidly tarnishes in air and reacts with water. Barium is not an extensively used element. Most are used in drilling fluids for oil and gas wells. It is also used in paint and in glassmaking.


Where does barium come from?

Barium is most commonly found combined with sulfate and carbonate, but can also form compounds with hydroxide, chloride, nitrate, chlorate, and other negative ions. About 0.05 percent of Earth’s crust is barium, making it the 17th most abundant element in the crust, according to Robert E.


What is bromine and barium for?

The design highlights two elements on the Periodic table, “Br” and “Ba.” The first is the symbol for Bromine, a chemical element which is useful for fire retardants. The second stands for Barium, a chemical element used frequently in fireworks.


What is barium liquid?

Barium is a white liquid that is visible on X-rays. Barium passes through the digestive system and does not cause a person any harm. As it passes through the body, barium coats the inside of the food pipe, stomach, or bowel, causing the outlines of the organs to appear on X-ray.


Is barium heavy metal?

Heavy metals are individual metals and metal compounds that can impact human health. Eight common heavy metals are discussed in this brief: arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium, and silver. These are all naturally occurring substances which are often present in the environment at low levels.

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