Top Ten Reasons to Aim for the IAS

Ever since the 90’s when the country’s economy opened up, immense opportunities have knocked at the doors of youngsters across the country. The IT and ITES industries have fulfilled the dreams of young and old alike and this field continues to employ thousands of people every year. Start-up is the new buzzword, and every other person in India is either founding a start-up or working for one! Millionaires pop up every year and one cannot help but be wonderstruck at the exponential growth of small companies to become MNCs in no time. Despite all this, lakhs of youngsters across India yearn for a government job. And when it comes to government jobs, the IAS is king. The highest government job in the bureaucracy is the civil services. The private sector has its share of glory and money, but the fact that a stable government job is what most people desire is indicated by the lakhs of people who try their hand at the civil services every year. This article brings you the top ten reasons to aim for the IAS.


Your life will change forever if you clear the IAS exam. This is not just a cliched statement when you get the IAS tag after your name. YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE. Period.



You will have job security that no other private job can offer.



You will have legitimate power and authority. You can actually do some good for people and society with your power.



You will get a reasonably good take-home amount at the end of every month as your salary.




You can live in a nice bungalow with staff. You will also get a government vehicle for official purposes.



Your status will improve by leaps and bounds once you are an ‘IAS’.



You can hobnob with the who’s who of society. Depending on rank, you can even meet the country’s Prime Minister on a regular basis!


You can make your parents mighty proud of you. Of course, they would be proud even if you end up in a private job, but the IAS is something else.



A lot of people deter from taking the IAS exam despite harbouring a secret IAS dream in their hearts. They think this is the toughest exam and refrain from preparing for it thinking it is beyond their talents. You would be surprised to know that a lot of IAS toppers had average or even poor academic backgrounds. You just need to follow the right strategy and prepare diligently and with a sincere heart. Results will follow in its own course.



If you need more reasons to be convinced of the civil services, this one is sure to inspire you. If you become an IAS or IFS or IPS, and use your power in the right manner, you will be remembered by future generations as one of the greats who shaped the country’s future. Think of T N Seshan, Kiran Bedi, Ajit Doval, Nirupama Rao, U Sagayam, Narendra Kumar and so on. Don’t these names inspire you? Your name can be beside these if you clear the UPSC civil services.


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