Challenges faced by an IAS officer

Problems faced by IAS officers

The Civil Services opens a door to energizing and exciting nature of jobs with difficulties. There are not many services which give such an immeasurable scope of challenges, a blend of a variety of job fields and policy formulation opportunity and chance to go about as a key player in the national development prepare.

After years of hard work, you become an IAS Exam officer. You may think all those hardships come to an end. No! There are several issues existing in this field. It is important to understand the government system in India and your place in the system before you join the system. However, a large portion of aspirants may not know about the consequent sides of the Civil Services, which you will acknowledge not long after you join. It is quite necessary that you should have the entire picture of civil service before you make a choice about your profession.

Political interference

The IAS officer at the region level works in coordination with the MP and MLA. They both are required to serve the common people by bringing development, welfare, well-being and peace to the society where they belong to. The first and foremost challenge is the dispute between the IAS officers and MP or MLA. The major reason is the difference in opinion, corruption, using public office for personal use and protection given to criminals and lawbreakers by the MP and MLA. At the point when this debate comes to a threshold point, the IAS is either transferred or kept under the dread of getting executed. Recently, US think tank expressed its views on concerns about political interference and outdated personnel procedures in the Indian civil services. The political interference led to substantial inefficiency where the vital positions are not held by the best officers and ultimately this can lead to institutional decline.


Imagine that changing your job every month and year. That is what the average IAS officer life once he tries, to be honest. The transfer malaise is all-pervasive. Everything relies on the impulses of the minister and sometimes an honest to goodness necessity. Sometimes transfers are so often that in a year one can get transferred to as many as 5-6 different places. Transfer, unquestionably it is a major issue when the life partner is likewise working and cannot change the urban areas so every now and again. This also affects the family, kids, etc. You should be prepared to live alone, in the event that you pick All India Services.


Management of people is the most difficult science, but the easiest art. The Civil service job profile is always collaboration where one needs to work with legislators, authorities, and average folks. The IAS officers encounter the greatest anxiety and stress when they need to face a substantial number of vulnerabilities and constantly changing the workplace. Stress additionally goes up quickly if your capacity to control outside varieties is low.

The young officers joining the civil services have a high opinion t about themselves and they feel that every other person must take after their ways. Most of them extract inspiration from movies during their preparation. They see the films where a solitary youthful officer changes the framework and they begin trusting the same. Aspirants should understand reality and mitigate the problem accordingly.

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No Recognition for Excellence

According to Aristotle, excellence is an art won by training and habituation. It is not mandatory that your work will be recognized and appreciated every time. When you work in civil services, there is nothing that you can achieve without the cooperation of your team and the goodwill of the people. Honest and brave officers are threatened with suspension and humiliation.


It is a fact that some aspirants are attracted towards civil services due to some myth-the incentives and royal image. They know a few officers or they have caught wind of a few officers who have made millions. They join the civil services to make profit illegally thinking that it is easy to do so. When they join these services, they find that no extra cash is accessible for the post. They need to do some unlawful movement or permit the illicit things to go ahead to profit. When you do any illicit demonstration, there is always a risk of getting caught even after you have demitted the office.

The overall condition in our governance system is unpleasant. At first glance, it would seem that not very many are morally good. Some people, during preparation talk against corruption, once they get into service they change. If you want to become an honest IAS officer, then you have to deal with many shortcomings in the career due to honesty from getting not top posts to being threatened by politicians. Aspirants should understand the essence of the term “civil servant”. Then only one can succeed in this profession. Daily, new circumstance emerges, issues manifest, and the Civil Servant must be set up to meet the circumstance and tackle the issue.

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