How to get ahead of your competition in the UPSC Exam?

Why strategic planning is important for UPSC Exam?

The reason why UPSC Civil Services exams are one of the toughest exams in India is due to the sheer volume of aspirants who write the exam. Starting with a few lakhs of candidates who take the IAS prelims, only a few hundreds make the cut after the IAS interview round. It is without saying that one must try their utmost best, but they should also actively try to beat the competition if they want to get the desired post and rank in the IAS exam. As a result having a concrete plan in place will help a lot when it comes to cracking the exam. There are certain factors which will lead them to victory by surging ahead in the competition. This article will describe in detail what some of the methods are.

Aspirants would find the article very helpful in their preparation for UPSC examination.

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Methods to trump the competition in the UPSC Exam

Some of the methods to trump the competition in the UPSC Exam are as follows:

1. Familiarize yourself with the Exam Pattern: The first thing to do is to do your research on the UPSC exam pattern. Being familiar with the same pattern, will to an extent help in being aware of the type of questions that will be usually asked in an IAS Exam.

2. Get the right resources: Make sure you study only from the most recommended sources of study material for the IAS exam. Anything more would be a waste of time and resources. Optimize your resources in order to make the most of your preparation time

3. Prepare a study time table: In order to ensure your own success, it is imperative that you maintain a strict schedule for your IAS preparation. Only this would ensure direction to your studies. A time table serves many purposes like giving you a daily plan (what to complete by the end of the day), a monthly target to achieve, ample time for revision, time for self-assessment, etc.

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4. Prioritize your topics

To surge ahead of the competition, it is essential that you prioritize your topics to study. Know what are the latest topics in  current affairs and also the are the marks allotted for such topics.

5. Solve previous years IAS question papers

This is a very important thing to do if you want to get a high rank. Go through previous years papers and solve them. This way you will get a general idea of the UPSC Syllabus and type of questions asked

6. Attempt mock tests

Attempting mock tests is a crucial step as it assess your own strengths and weaknesses, and also helps in analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses. Additionally it will also help in effectively managing and planning your time before you write the actual exams.

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7. Believe in your self

Perhaps the most important thing is to be positive and expect victory. Your battle is won half-way through. The rest will only depend on how well  your perform when the exam day comes. If you are doing all it takes to gain IAS success, you should believe that it is possible for you to become an IAS officer.

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