20 Simple Tips To Crack Bank Exams In First Attempt

In this article, we shall some simple tips to crack different bank exams in the first attempt.

Bank exams are mostly conducted for three posts:

Getting through the bank examinations in the first attempt is not a myth, as many candidates who are aspiring to have a career in the banking sector crack the Bank Examination in their first attempt. Wondering how is it possible?

Looking for tips to crack bank exams in the first attempt?

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It is possible for the candidates who are willing to work hard and follow some guidelines that can help them in organising and preparing themselves for the upcoming bank exams.

This article will deliver some of the guidelines that can be proved beneficial for the candidates if they are willing to clear the bank exams 2023 in the first attempt itself.

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The first step to start the preparation for any bank exam is to analyse the syllabus and exam pattern. Based on this information only the preparation can be started. Given below are the links to the major subjects which are a part of the bank exam syllabus and in each of those articles, candidates shall get the list of topics included in each section:

Logical Reasoning Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability  Daily Current Affairs
Static GK Banking Awareness

Top 20 Tips to crack the Bank Exams 2023

Some of the guidelines in this context are mentioned below:

1) Know the Bank Exams Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Aspirants should consider having the knowledge of the whole bank exam syllabus and also be aware of the order in which the questions are expected. It is imperative for candidates to have a fair knowledge of the bank exam pattern including both Mains and Prelims exams. This helps the aspirants in preparing for the bank exams according to the latest bank exam syllabus and without missing any important concept.

The syllabus for almost all major bank exams is almost the same and the topics are also similar. So, candidates preparing for any of the bank posts can refer to the bank exam syllabus page for the detailed section-wise syllabus.

To explore the SBI Syllabus, check at the linked article.

2) Create a Study Plan

Once the online application procedure is done, the candidates should start off with their bank exam preparation. A timetable in which time slots for every subject that is in the bank exams syllabus should be created. This should be done regardless of the fact if the candidate is a student or a working professional, a timetable must be followed with the dedication and adherence to crack the bank exams in the first attempt.

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3) Use Best Resources for Bank Exam Preparation

Choosing the right bank exam books can either make or break a candidate’s bank exam preparation. This is because there is no time that can be wasted on looking for another source of preparation once the candidate has already initiated his/her bank exam preparation. So, it is recommended that the candidate should carefully select the most relevant resources, books or study materials for preparation.

4) Coaching can be an Option

In a coaching institute, there are experts who are very familiar with the tricks that are very helpful for the Bank Examination. Opting to prepare from the coaching centre can also help the candidate as these coaching centre have a crash course, in which the candidates are trained with shortcuts and tricks for solving the bank exams question papers with speed and accuracy.

To learn Bank Coaching In Bangalore, check at the linked article.

5) Identify and Work on the Weak Areas

A clear understanding of the bank exam syllabus and the bank exam pattern would make the candidate aware of their strengths and weakness. This helps the banking aspirants on emphasizing on the areas they are weak in and focus on them.

6) Develop an Examination Module

Developing a module for the bank exam in which the focus of the aspirant should be on solving the bank exam paper with accuracy and speed, strategize the starting of the written examination with the sections that are easier and can be solved faster and also leaving the point on which the candidate is likely to get stuck.

To know about various SBI exams, check at the linked article.

7) All Sections are Equally Important

For the Bank Exams 2023, a candidate’s focus should be on preparing as per the latest bank exam syllabus. The syllabus must be equally segregated among all the sections, as the weightage of every section is equal.

8) Practice with Previous Papers & Mock Tests

Going through the previous years’ bank exam question papers and mock tests always give an insight into the important topics and the bank exam pattern to the candidate. This analysis is helpful if conducted prior to the initiation of the bank exam preparation.

Solving previous year question papers shall not only help candidates analyse the important topics from the examination point of view but also help apprehend the standard of the exam.

Interested candidates can get solved Logical Reasoning Questions at the linked article, where questions from the various Reasoning topics have been given for candidates to practise and prepare.

9) Material is Available Online

For the analysis mentioned above the candidate can go online, as there is ample amount of content that is available online for free and the candidate can also opt to buy the paid course if required.

10) Make Short Notes for Reference

Write down the important subheadings and points for a quick reference and revision during the bank exam preparation.

To learn How to Crack Bank Clerk Exam in First Attempt, check at the linked article.

11) Check Frequent And Important Topics

In every bank exam, there are some topics that are very important that it is frequently asked. The candidates can identify these key topics and prepare accordingly as this gives them the advantage to be at the top of their bank exam preparation.

12) Evaluation of Speed And Accuracy

As all the aspiring candidates are aware that bank exams are online and time-based. While preparing for the bank exam 2019, the focus of every candidate must be on solving the bank exam paper with speed and accuracy. Otherwise, the candidate would not be able to attempt the complete exam within the stipulated time.

13) Managing Overall Time

Time management is a very crucial aspect of bank exam preparation. Managing time in such a manner that ample time is given for every topic of the syllabus and solving the entire bank exam paper within the given time.

14) Newspapers are of Vital Help

Newspapers are oceans of general knowledge for banking aspirants. Reading the newspaper on a daily basis helps candidates in improving their written and spoken English Language.

To learn more about SBI PO Prelims English Language Syllabus, check at the linked article.

15) Confidence And Positivity

A candidate’s confidence and positive attitude are said to be the ideal key towards his/her success in the competitive bank exams. Hence, we would advise the candidates to hold on their feelings and face the bank exams 2019 with confidence.

16) Stay Calm And Focused

The candidates during the time of exam should stay relaxed and focused, as this has proved to improve the concentration level of the candidate.

17) Breaks are also Important

While preparing for the bank exams 2023, we recommend the candidates to take a break and cut off from the study material to rejuvenate and destress their brains from getting jammed. This helps the students in recharging for further preparations.

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18) Don’t Guess during the Exam

As every bank exam carries negative marking for every incorrect answer, the candidates should not mark those answer in which they not confident enough. Negative marking can lead to deduction of the score and reduce the chance of clearing the respective bank exam.

19) Start with Most Known Sections

We advise the candidates to finish their written exams with the sections that are most familiar with. By doing this,  candidates can solve easy sections of the bank exam paper quickly and use the saved time in some difficult sections like Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability questions.

To learn more about SBI PO Preparation, check at the linked article.

20) Do Not Use Extra Time

We recommend the candidate to leave the questions of a particular section if they are utilizing more time than expected. We are suggesting this because if a candidate is using the extra time in solving a particular question, then he/she will have less time left to attempt other sections of the bank exam question paper.

Aspirants who have doubts regarding the level of the exam or the types of questions asked can check the following links where the exam analysis from the previous year recruitments have been given:

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