What Should be Strictly Avoided by Candidates to Prevent Disciplinary Action from UPSC?

The following actions are strictly prohibited by UPSC, if the discipline is not followed then UPSC has the powers to cancel the candidature of candidates.

  1. Impersonation
  2. Fabricated documents
  3. Blackmailing any person connected with the exam
  4. Writing obscene matter or sketches.
  5. Misbehaving in the exam hall
  6. Harassing or causing bodily harm to the persons conducting the examination.
  7. Using mobile phones or other electronic gadgets during exam hall.
  8. Violation of instructions given to candidates during the examination.

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Are Calculators Allowed Inside UPSC Examination Hall?

  1. Candidates are not allowed to use calculators for Preliminary examination
  2. Candidates can use scientific calculator for mains exams
  3. Candidates cannot use programmable type calculators
  4. Candidates cannot borrow or exchange calculators inside the exam hall

Does Handwriting matter in UPSC?

Handwriting will not fetch extra marks in the exam. The marks are dependent on the quality of the answers. However, legible handwriting will play a vital role because it will help the evaluator, by making their task easy.

How to Improve Writing Skills for the UPSC Exam?

  1. Avoid generalizations
  2. Keep practicing regularly
  3. Write original points
  4. Make sure it is error free
  5. Eliminate too many jargons or bombastic words

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