Vaibhav Rawat (AIR 25) - UPSC Topper 2020

Vaibhav Rawat’s elation knew no bounds when the UPSC declared its results for 2020 on September 24, 2021. He acquired All India Rank (AIR) 25. This was his second attempt at the UPSC Exams.

A total of 761 candidates, out of 2046 candidates who were shortlisted for the interview, were selected to fill several vacancies in various government departments.

Read on to know more about Vaibhav Rawat background, optional subject and other important details.

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Vaibhav Rawat IAS Topper Background

  • Vaibhaw Rawat is a native of Rajasthan and a graduate of Institute of Technology – BHU (IT-BHU). He held the 7th rank in the All India Science Olympiad
  • He worked at Samsung R&D before attempting the UPSC Exams. This was his second attempt where he acquired the 25th rank.
  • Vaibhav Rawat opted for the Indian Foreign Services (IFS) as it was a passion to represent India on the world stage.

Vaibhav Rawat UPSC Preparation Strategy

Below we will present the UPSC preparation Strategy of Vaibhav Rawat in his own words:

  • Understanding the requirements of the UPSC Syllabus is a key step. That way candidates can have an idea of what they can expect in the exams itself.
  • Along with being well prepared for the exam, one must also focus on their own attitude. It is not enough to be well prepared with the subject knowledge at hand but also being mentally prepared for the UPSC exams which will help immensely in the final interview.
  • In the UPSC Mains, mastering the art of answer writing is crucial as some of your characteristics will be assessed on the quality of the answers you will write.
  • It is highly recommended not to wait for the UPSC Prelims results in order to start preparing for the mains, because the time gap between the two stages is not enough to practice answer writing. One must practice the same at the very beginning of the UPSC preparation.
  • One must remain motivated despite any setback that may come about, by giving their best no matter what. This way the candidates will be clear-headed and focused on their goal and that will help them immensely.

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For the UPSC Interview preparation, Vaibhav Rawat had taken BYJU’S Interview coaching. Below, you can watch her mock interview with our eminent panellists.

Brief information about the Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

The Indian Foreign Service is a central civil service. It is one of the premier civil services, which represents India and its interests abroad. It comes under Group A of the Central Civil Services of the executive branch of the Ministry of External affairs Government of India.

The IFS is tasked with carrying out diplomatic missions, representing Indians in various international organizations and managing its foreign relations. It consists of a body of diplomats, serving in more than 162 diplomatic missions around the world.

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