Difference Between Covalent And Ionic Bonds

Covalent bonds and ionic bonds are types of atomic bonds. These bonds are different in their properties and structure. In everyday life, we unknowingly interact with chemistry like molecules, atoms, electron clouds and more. But we never observe any bonding between the objects we use in everyday life.

Covalent And Ionic Bonds

The covalent bonds include pairs of electrons by two atoms binding them in a fixed orientation. While a bond between two ions is called ionic bonds. A covalent bond is formed while the ionic bond is formed between a metal and a non-metal.

Difference Between Covalent and Ionic Bonds

Difference Between Covalent and Ionic Bonds
Covalent Bonds Ionic Bonds
Formed between two non-metals Formed between a metal and non-metal
Has definite shape Don not have definite shape
Chemical bonding between two non-metallic atoms Electrovalent bonds
Low melting point High melting point
Contains hydro chloric acid and methane Contains sulphuric acid and sodium chloride
Low boiling point High boiling point
Gaseous or liquid in state Solid state.

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