Hydrochloric acid - HCl

What is Hydrochloric acid?

Hydrochloric acid is an inorganic chemical. It is a strong corrosive acid with a chemical formula HCl. It is also known as hydrogen chloride or muriatic acid. When hydrogen chloride is dissolved in water HCl is formed. It is a simple diatomic molecule. The hydrogen and chlorine atom are connected with a single covalent bond. The bond between them is polar as the chlorine atom is more electronegative when compared with the hydrogen atom. It is strongly acidic. It is colorless and viscous. It is corrosive and has a distinctive pungent smell. It is widely used as a laboratory reagent and industries. It is used in the processing of leather, production of gelatin. The physical properties such as density, melting point, PH, boiling point depends on the molarity or concentration of HCl.

Properties of Hydrochloric acid – HCl

HCl Hydrochloric acid
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass 36.458 g/mol
Appears Transparent liquid
Boiling Point Depends on the concentration
Melting Point Depends on the concentration

Hydrochloric acid structure – HCl

Hydrochloric acid structure

HCl Uses (Hydrochloric acid)

  • It is used in the production of chlorides
  • It is used in rubber industries
  • It is used the production of fertilizers
  • It is used in textile industries
  • It is used in the manufacture of dye
  • It is used in the refining of metals
  • It is used in the production of organic compounds like PVC
  • It is used to regulate the PH of solutions
  • It is used in the stimulation of oil production

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