Comprehensive News Analysis - 05 February 2016

Table of Contents:

A. GS1 Related:
B. GS2 Related:
C. GS3 Related:

1. Haryana demarcates Mangar Bani forest area

D. Important Editorials: A Quick Glance

The Hindu:

1.Invest in Rural Growth

2.Fight the Mosquitoes!

Indian Express:

1.Indian Brand of Racism: Tanzanian student in Bangalore


E. Concepts-in-News: Related Concepts to Revise/Learn
F. Practice Questions
G. Archives



Useful News Articles

A. GS1 Related:

— Nothing here today, folks! —


B. GS2 Related:

— Nothing new here today, folks! —


C. GS3 Related:

1.Haryana demarcates Mangar Bani forest area

Topic: Science & Tech

Category: Tech + Public Health

Location: Hindu, Headline news

Key points:

–  It is an exercise to protect the Aravalli mountain range

– The National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB) had earmarked the Mangar Bani grove in Haryana as “no-construction zone” and said that it would be out of bounds for tourism activities.


D. Important Editorials: A Quick Glance

The Hindu:

1. Invest in Rural Growth

Topic: Economy, Paper III (MUST READ)

Category: Agriculture, Growth

Key points:

– The rate of growth in agriculture and allied activities is down from about 4 per cent per annum in the 11th Plan period to just 1.7 per cent in the first three years of the 12th Plan (2012-15).

– Over 300,000 farmers have committed suicide in the last decade

– The World Bank’s World Development Report 2008 shows that agricultural growth is at least twice as effective in reducing poverty compared to growth originating in non-agricultural sectors.

– Public Investemnt + promoting Crop Diversity + Krishi Vigyan Kendras – artcile talks of options. Read. 🙂


2. Fight the Mosquitoes!

Topic: Public Health, Science & Tech + III 

Category: Public Health

Key points:

– Two new approaches for mosquito eradication show promise in the war against Zika and dengue — genetic modification leading to premature death and the introduction of a lethal bacterial strain

zika malaria


Indian Express:

1. Indian Brand of Racism: Tanzanian student in Bangalore

Topic: Society, Paper I, II

Category: Society, Discrimination

Key points:

– It is time for India to confront an embedded racism, and to hold the police responsible if they are unresponsive.

– The Tanzanian student alleged that she was stripped and forced to walk naked in public by a mob that went on a rampage and set fire to her car after a road accident.

– Among Indian citizens, people from the Northeast have borne the brunt of the majority’s violent dislike




E. Concepts-in-News: Related Concepts to Revise/Learn:

i. Racism

ii. Dengue + Malaria Prevention measures

iii. Farmer Suicides

iv. Protected Zones


F. Fun with Practice Questions 🙂
Question 1: What is the idea where racism pervades all of society's structures in a systematic way called??
a. Institutional racism
b. Internalized racism
c. Structural racism
d. Personally mediated racism
Question 2: Which of the following statements about Anti-dengue day is/are true:
  1. International Anti-Dengue Day is observed every year on June 15.
  2. The first anti-dengue day event was held in Myanmar.
  3. Aims to increase public awareness about dengue, mobilize resources for its prevention and control to demonstrate the Asian region’s commitment in tackling the disease.

a) 1 & 2 Only

b) 1 & 3 Only

c) Only 1

d) Only 2

Question 3: Consider the following statements about farmers suicide in India and which of them is/are not true.
  1. The highest number of farmer suicides were recorded in 2004 when 18,241 farmers committed suicide.
  2. The 2006 relief package provided was not in the favour of farmers.
  3. In 2013, the Government of India launched a Special Livestock Sector and Fisheries Package for farmers suicide-prone regions of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala.
  4. Over 300,000 farmers have committed suicide in the last decade

Answer choices:

a) 1 & 2 Only

b) 2 & 3 Only

c) Only 2

d) None

Question 4: the IUCN has developed six Protected Area Management Categories, which of the below does not belong to this category?

a. Strict Nature Reserve

b. National Park

c. Protected Landscape/Seascape

d. Human Protection

Check Your Answers


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