Topic of the Day – UTTAM App

UPSC Exam Preparation: Topic of the Day – UTTAM App

UTTAM App, abbreviated as ‘Unlocking Transparency by Third Party Assessment of Mined Coal’ was launched by the Ministry of coal for coal quality monitoring. The aim of the app is ensuring efficiency and transparency in the process of coal quality monitoring and at the same time, bringing the governance of coal, closer to the people.

  • Coal India Limited (CIL) and the Ministry of Coal have jointly developed this app.


Why UTTAM App?

  • The app has been built in a manner that it transforms the citizens as the stakeholders in the coal ecosystem.
  • The third party sampling of coal as well as the dispatch of coal to each and every subsidiary of the Coal India Limited can be monitored through the application.
  • A bidirectional channel between the citizens and Coal India Limited is facilitated by the App.


Features of UTTAM App:

  • The app provides information with respect to the production, dispatch and quantity of the sampled coal in coal power and non-power sector, bringing about transparency in coal quality assessment.
  • Parameters of judging the quality, such as the Gross Calorific Value (GCV), analysed GCV as well as coverage parameters such as quantity of coal sampled and its location is holistically covered through an interactive map based view.
  • The app provides mapping of the grade of coal dispatched to the consumers.
  • The citizens can compare and assess the coal quality through the information provided by the app regarding the Gross Calorific Value that is declared subsidiary-wise.
  • The efforts of CIL in improving the quality through third party sampling is validated, as trend of complaints with respect to the quality of coal is reflected on the App.
  • The import of coal is an attestation of the quality of coal that is produced within India. The app also presents the trends in coal imports over the last few years.


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