NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science are among the most popular study material. Every year 2 or more questions in the board exam are asked from NCERT class 10 science exemplars. Practicing these questions will help to get acquainted with the latest question patterns and types of questions asked in the examination.

Solving these questions will give a deeper insights into the different science concepts included in the class 10 book. These questions will also help the students to understand the concepts in a better way which is very much necessary to score good marks in the class 10th board examination. Scoring good marks in class 10 is very much important because the marks scored in class 10 will help you to take admission in your desired stream.

Class 10 Science exemplar question will help to develop their problem solving abilities which will eventually help them in the exams and in the different competitive exams. The NCERT science exemplar books and solutions for class 10 can be checked from the links given below.

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Study of fossils is known as anthropology.