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Welcome to BYJU’S Current Affairs, one of the leading websites for UPSC civil services exam preparation with proven results!

Current affairs forms the crux of the UPSC IAS exam. The UPSC focuses on current affairs spanning all the traditional subjects like history, geography, economy, polity, environment & ecology, science & technology, etc. Candidates should tune their UPSC preparation according to current affairs that create headlines nationally and internationally. In fact, with the revamp of the IAS exam pattern, the line between static and dynamic portions is fast getting blurred. Seemingly static portions can churn out unexpected questions from current affairs. In this light, candidates will be happy to know that BYJU’S offers exclusive features to help them tackle the current affairs questions in the IAS exam.

Here’s an analysis of previous seven years UPSC Prelims Papers.

Year No. of Questions
Current Affairs/GK
No. of Questions from Other Subjects
2017 15 History – 14
Geography – 09
S&T – 09
Polity – 22
Economy – 16
Environment – 15
2016 27 History/Art and Culture – 15
Geography & Agriculture- 07
S&T – 08
Polity – 07
Indian Economy – 18
Environment – 18
2015 22 History – 17
Geography – 16
S&T – 08
Polity – 13
Indian Economy – 13
Environment – 11
2014 8 History – 20
Geography – 14
S&T – 16
Polity – 14
Indian Economy – 10
Environment – 18
2013 Nil History – 16
Geography – 18
S&T – 14
Polity – 16
Indian Economy – 19
Environment – 17
2012 1 History – 19
Geography – 17
S&T – 9
Polity – 20
Indian Economy – 17
Environment – 17
2011 13+Misc History – 11
Geography – 11
S&T – 19
Polity – 12
Indian Economy – 19
Environment – 15

As you can see, current affairs has formed a major chunk of the questions in many years. The count could in fact be greater since many questions can be grouped under other subjects as well! Today, current affairs have become the pillar in the preparation of the IAS Exam. For example, if one peruses the UPSC Mains question papers, even the questions on subjects like Economics, Geography, Polity, or Science and Technology are all related to current affairs in one way or the other.

Newspapers are the most important sources of current affairs for IAS exam. Reading the daily newspaper and inferring exam-relevant news and articles from it might prove a tricky affair for many aspirants. Ideally, an aspirant should not spend more than one hour per day in reading the newspaper. In this one hour, he/she should read the newspaper (to know more about what to read in the newspaper, click here), extract meaningful information, and relate the knowledge to the UPSC syllabus. If this seems difficult, aspirants can rely on BYJU’S current affairs section. Our CNA especially is a god-sent for those fearing the current affairs sections.

BYJU’S Free IAS prep gives the following features to guide your IAS current Affairs Preparation


A comprehensive coverage of the daily news explained and categorised along with practice questions. Updated EVERYDAY. Read BYJU’S CNA


Exclusive coverage of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) articles, authentic and exhaustive! Updated EVERYDAY. More on latest PIB


Covers important articles from one of the best current affairs magazine for UPSC exam, Yojana. Read Gist of Yojana.


Covers Rajya Sabha TV discussions featured in ‘India’s World’ and ‘The Big Picture’ with in-depth analysis and clarifications. More on RSTV.


Features a topic relevant for the IAS exam explained in lucid terms. A must for IAS Prelims 2018! Updated EVERYDAY. Read Topic of the Day.


Features events and people from a historical perspective. Relevant for the UPSC because of its focus on anniversaries like centenaries, etc. Updated EVERYDAY. Read This Day in History.


Candidates can also check their GK and Current Affairs knowledge by taking our Weekly Current Affairs Quiz! Take the Quiz Now!

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