Current Affairs App - Best Current Affairs App For UPSC 2021

Current Affairs App is a good way to stay updated with the latest events of national and international importance.  Knowing the best current affairs app will be helpful for the aspirants of the IAS Exam.

Why having the Current Affairs App for UPSC is important?

With the improvement in internet speeds, even aspirants who aren’t in major cities can follow all the latest Current Affairs with the help of Current Affairs apps.

However, choosing the best current affairs app for UPSC which suits one’s needs and is aligned to the UPSC Syllabus is crucial for success.

Current Affairs is a vast section in the entire UPSC syllabus. Preparation for this section is a bit difficult task as aspirants have to do vast research and have to stay updated on a day-to-day basis with worldly affairs.

The importance of Current Affairs and General Knowledge in the UPSC cannot be emphasized enough. An analysis of the previous years’ question papers shows that the number of questions related to current affairs has been on an upward trend.

Questions are asked directly on current affairs and general knowledge-related topics, or as part of subject-related questions. In such a scenario, staying up to date on current affairs becomes imperative.

The Current Affairs app will help the candidates for a planned revision of topics mentioned in this section. A complete set of previous years’ questions, expected questions with a number of mock tests will give the aspirants the confidence to score well in this section.

Candidates can find the updated data on the Subject-wise weightage of Current Affairs in the UPSC exam here.

Aspirants can go through the following links to prepare for UPSC 2021 exams –

Reading the newspaper daily and religiously is the best way to keep up with the flow of current events. Also, various websites and blogs like ours provide Comprehensive News Analysis as well as broad coverage of current affairs.

You can follow these to catch up on current affairs relevant to UPSC Exam preparation. But with a lot of current affairs to cover, it becomes difficult to remember everything that is studied. Revision is the only key to remember and retain what has been studied.

There are a plethora of options to keep your preparation updated and revising your current affairs for the IAS Exam.

One might take notes and refer to them periodically, or subscribe to a newsletter that gets archived, or best of all download an app that provides current affairs updates as well as helps revise earlier news that would be relevant to the UPSC Exam.

Choosing the Best Current Affairs App

The Best Current Affairs app should be chosen on the following criteria:

  • Helps serious aspirants prepare for current affairs on a regular basis.
  • Helps aspirants stay up to date with all the issues in news relevant to the Civil Services Examination.
  • Is aligned to the UPSC Syllabus and free from peripheral discussions not relevant to the exam.
  • Has access offline so that aspirants can study even when there is no internet available or internet connection is patchy.
  • Has features which help the aspirants to evaluate themselves, identify their strong and weak points and stay on track with their preparation. It should also help newcomers and veterans of the exam to navigate the content easily.
  • Has an organised, simple interface with top-notch content quality, periodic compilation, and tests related to the subject, along with segregation of topics for prelims and mains.

Check out a few strategy and tips for UPSC 2021 prelims preparation –

BYJU’S Current Affairs

BYJU’S IAS Prep Tablet is not just the best current affairs app but also a dynamic resource of curated content for the Civil Services Exam.

It is designed by experts in the field of UPSC preparation that will help serious aspirants prepare for current affairs. It has regularly updated content, with the subject matter experts focussing on topics relevant to the IAS Exam.

The application takes a multi-dimensional approach to IAS Preparation with features like:

  • Video Analysis of Current Affairs
  • Comprehensive study plan
  • Regular Quizzes and Tests
  • Weekly and monthly modules for revision
  • Well organised interface and live support
  • Personalized mentoring available on request

Current Affairs in Hindi for UPSC

There are various aspirants who sit in the UPSC examination with Hindi language medium. The BYJU’S have come with Current Affairs in Hindi in its YouTube channel – BYJU’S IAS Hindi. Here, one can find daily current affairs in the Hindi language along with the current affairs quiz.

Why should you opt for BYJU’S Current Affairs App?

The BYJU’S app brings together state-of-the-art technology and visualization with traditional subject matter expertise on UPSC preparation to make your IAS Exam a success. We have been rated the best mobile application for UPSC Preparation by multiple websites and the efficacy of the content and methodology is proven by many successful candidates.

Test your Current Affairs preparation and take our Current Affairs Quiz (50 new questions every week as per UPSC Prelims Syllabus).

For Current Affairs, it is important to follow daily, weekly and monthly current affairs. The important sources for Current Affairs are:

  1. The Hindu
  2. The Indian Express
  3. Yojana Magazine
  4. Kurukshetra Magazine
  5. Press Information Bureau
  6. Rajya Sabha TV

Make the best use of the free content available on the BYJU’S Current Affairs App and make your IAS Journey a success. The Current Affairs app will also be useful for other government exams such as state service commission exams, SSC, and Bank Exams.


  1. i am only looking for current affairs part,please suggest me

    1. Hi Sunil
      You can prepare for current affairs using the below-mentioned links. These will surely help you for CSE Exam.
      1. Daily News Analysis
      2. Current Affairs
      2. Current Affairs Quiz

  2. Hello Iam looking for comprehensive current Affairs

    1. Hi Muhammad
      You can check our current affairs resources:
      1. Current Affairs
      2. Daily News Analysis
      3. Best of PIB
      4. Gist of Yojana Magazine

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