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Factoring Worksheets Explained

Factoring expresses a number as a product of smaller value numbers. Hence, factoring is useful in solving multi-step arithmetic operation based problems as the higher value numbers are expressed in terms of smaller numbers that are easier to work with.

Factoring worksheets help deepen a student’s understanding of the concept and it prepares them for advanced and complex math topics in higher grades.

These fourth grade factoring worksheets are designed with problems covering different factoring methods and related concepts such as:

  • Factors and Factor Pairs - Students start by developing an understanding of the meaning of the factors of a number. Solving 4th grade worksheets based on factoring will enhance their ability to determine and identify factors and factor pairs of a number.

  • Factoring using Divisibility Rules - The 4th grade printable factoring worksheets present a diverse range of problems that can be solved by applying divisibility rules. Regular practice of solving these problems helps students automatically recall these rules, which in turn, boost their confidence. 

  • Factoring using arrays and trees - Interactive features of the online worksheets along with colorful visuals keep students engaged in solving problems based on factoring using rows and columns in an array. The factor tree method is vital in determining the prime factors of a number.

  • Relationship between factors and multiples - Grade 4 factoring worksheets present an array of problems on factors and multiples. These problems are aimed at making students understand the difference between a factor and a multiple of a number.
  • Prime and Composite Numbers - These worksheets cover problems on types of numbers based on the number of factors each number can be broken up into. Such problems revolve around determining whether a given number is prime or composite.
  • Number and Shape Patterns - A series of numbers or shapes following a pattern forms an integral part of the factoring topic in grade 4. The 4th grade factoring worksheets present varied problems on this concept with visual aids.

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Benefits of Factoring Worksheets

4th grade factoring worksheets are designed to not only improve a student’s problem solving skills but also help build basic understanding of the topic for those who are facing challenges in grasping concepts. Each worksheet is designed with a set level of difficulty with reference to the questions, ranging from easy to hard. Let’s comprehend these difficulty levels in detail.

  • Easy - Fourth grade factoring worksheets set with an easy difficulty level are best suited for students beginning with the concepts of factors and multiples. The problems here are more direct which require recalling facts and a basic understanding of the concept. These worksheets prepare students for complex and multi-step solution problems.
  • Medium - In the medium level, the problems in factoring worksheets for 4th grade are based on the ability of students to use the given information in the question and draw connections to arrive at the correct answer. The problem solving here will require multiple methods or arithmetic operations to make students think in multiple directions. 
  • Hard - The grade 4 factoring worksheets marked ‘Hard’ enable students to think in new ways and enhance their critical thinking skills. The students are able to relate the unknown values with the known values in a question and this lays a firm foundation for them to easily solve factor-based real life problems. 

In addition to above mentioned benefits, a regular practice of grade 4 factoring worksheets enhances a student’s problem solving skills and their ability to automatically recall facts and solve problems. With regular and consistent practice of worksheet problems, students will be able to identify gaps in their understanding of factoring concepts.

Online and Printable Factoring Worksheets

Students now have the ability to solve 4th grade factoring worksheets online. They can also click on the printable factoring worksheets for fourth grade to download the PDFs of these worksheets and solve problems at their convenience. Worksheets are aligned with the common core concepts to help supplement the concepts learnt in the classroom. So whether a student is learning the basics of factoring or is at an advanced level of knowing factors and multiples, BYJU’s Math worksheets can help give them the confidence to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

BYJU’S Math worksheets help students master a wide range of mathematical concepts while gradually going over each fundamental topic in detail. Each topic is given thorough attention, enabling students to use them in a variety of real-life situations.

Two or more numbers when multiplied result in the product, and this product is stated to be a multiple of the numbers. Whereas, when two or more numbers are multiplied to get a product, the numbers being multiplied are called the factors of the product.

The factoring worksheets for grade 4 cover varied methods to factorize a number such as arrays, divisibility rules and factor trees.

Prime and composite numbers are defined on the basis of the number of factors. These worksheets entail a series of problems on determining factors using varied methods. Once thorough with this concept, a student can conclude whether a number is prime or composite.