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4th Grade Geometry Worksheets Explained

The 4th grade geometry worksheets provide a holistic understanding of geometry concepts while testing the knowledge of students in an engaging way. The grade 4 geometry worksheets include the following concepts:

  • Area and Perimeter - This worksheet is designed for giving an overview of the area and perimeter formula of different shapes and finding unknown measures of shapes.
  • Points, Lines and Rays - This worksheet focuses on the introductory aspects of points, lines and rays.
  • Angles - This worksheet is designed to shed light on lines and angles, identifying parallel and perpendicular lines, measuring angles using degrees, and finding unknown angles.
  • Symmetry - This worksheet is designed to provide an overview of identifying shapes with lines of symmetry, classifying triangles based on their sides and angles, and classifying quadrilaterals based on their sides and angles.
  • 2 Dimensional Shapes - This worksheet focuses on identifying different shapes based on their properties.

The grade 4 geometry worksheets are essential for students to acquire a solid understanding of the geometry concepts that will eventually help them in understanding complex concepts in geometry.

Benefits of 4th Grade Geometry Worksheets:


The fourth grade geometry worksheets are beneficial for students to understand the core concepts of geometry such as area and perimeter, points, lines and rays, angles, symmetry and 2D shapes. The following 4th grade geometry worksheets will give clarity on the various concepts that have been introduced to students:

  • Area and Perimeter - Students will learn about the area and perimeter formulas of different shapes while finding the unknown measurements. This will ensure a better understanding of this concept.
  • Points, Lines and Rays - Students will get an introduction to points, lines and rays and their applications in various shapes and diagrams.
  • Angles - These worksheets will enhance the knowledge of students on identifying different kinds of lines and angles and finding unknown angles in different shapes.
  • Symmetry - Students are given a comprehensive understanding of lines of symmetry while classifying triangles and quadrilaterals based on their sides and angles.
  • 2 Dimensional Shapes - These worksheets will provide an overview of different 2D shapes, especially triangles, squares and rectangles, and how to identify them based on their sides, angles and vertices.

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Printable PDFs and Online Worksheets:

The PDF based printable geometry worksheets for fourth grade can be seamlessly solved offline as and when downloaded from the BYJU’S Math website. This enables students to have sufficient time to complete the problems in the worksheet without any time limit. The PDF worksheets are easy to download and can be solved as per a student’s convenience. The online interactive worksheets for fourth grade students are solved in an online environment. These worksheets are timed, and will inspire confidence in students to participate in such time bound activities in the future. While solving worksheets in the online mode, students are able to access the solutions to the questions instantly. They can also share and compare scores and the time taken to complete worksheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

The line of symmetry is defined as the axis or imaginary line that passes through the center of any shape or object. As a result, the line divides the shape in equal halves. The 4th grade geometry worksheets will require students to know about the line of symmetry in shapes as well.

Points in geometry are defined as the exact locations on a plane surface.

Lines and angles are also a part of the geometry worksheets for fourth grade. For example, perpendicular lines are two lines that intersect each other at right angles.

Quadrilaterals in the 4th grade geometry worksheets refer to parallelograms, trapezoids, rectangles, kites, squares, and rhombuses.

The geometry worksheets for fourth grade also ensure that multiple concepts are covered such as a kite being regarded as a square as well.