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Grade 6 Coordinate Geometry Worksheets Explained

Coordinate geometry forms an integral part of geometry in mathematics. It deals with the study of geometric shapes and graphs by drawing and interpreting them on the coordinate plane. 

Grade 6 coordinate geometry worksheets help revise a student’s conceptual understanding of the basics of coordinate geometry introduced in the lower grades, and prepares them for advanced concepts in this topic.

These sixth grade coordinate geometry worksheets are designed with problems covering a variety of concepts on coordinate geometry such as:

  • Graphing ratio relationships - The worksheets include problems that require a student to create and plot ordered pairs from a ratio relationship. Hence, solving 6th grade worksheets on coordinate geometry will enhance their ability to create graphs to solve problems on ratio. The problems also focus on creating graphs to compare ratios.

  • Coordinate plane - The 6th grade coordinate geometry worksheets present a pool of problems on plotting, identifying and describing locations of ordered pairs. Such problems also help students to build up their understanding of reflecting points in the x-axis, y-axis or both, with points located in all the four quadrants.

  • Polygons - Polygon based problems in these worksheets have the advantage of assisting students in drawing polygons on a coordinate plane. The problems also add to a student’s ability to determine the side lengths of the polygons on a graph. Solving these engaging and aesthetically appealing problems in the BYJU’S Math worksheets builds the student’s understanding of applying these concepts to real life situations as well.

  • Inequalities - These worksheets allow students to understand the concept of solving inequalities by graphing. Such graphs are also useful for students to model real life scenarios using inequalities.

The sixth grade coordinate geometry worksheets offer a thorough understanding of coordinate plane, ordered pairs, plotting points, drawing and interpreting line graphs and polygons, representing and interpreting data and graphing inequalities.

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Benefits of Grade 6 Coordinate Geometry Worksheets

6th grade coordinate geometry worksheets are designed to not only improve a student’s problem solving skills, but also help strengthen the fundamentals of coordinate geometry. With the help of these worksheets, students can also improve their plotting, graphing and interpretation skills as coordinate geometry is built upon these core concepts. Each worksheet is designed with a set difficulty level for the questions ranging from easy to hard. Let’s look into how problems are segregated into these difficulty levels.

  • Easy - The sixth grade coordinate geometry worksheets build core problem solving skills in students. Here, the focus is on direct and simple questions so that students may brush up on the basic knowledge of coordinate geometry. Succeeding in these initial stages of learning coordinate geometry fundamentals prepares a student for further advanced level problems in the medium and hard level worksheets.
  • Medium - In the medium level, the problems in coordinate geometry worksheets for 6th grade are based on the ability of students to use the information given in the question and draw connections to arrive at the correct answer. The problem solving here will require multiple steps and knowledge of other math concepts like ratio and inequalities to make students think in multiple directions. 
  • Hard - The grade 6 coordinate geometry worksheets marked ‘Hard’ enable students to further develop their skills in analysis and application. Students learn to form equations related to real-life scenarios that also improve their reading comprehension skills. Therefore, students develop a concrete foundation in coordinate geometry by solving complex yet innovative problems that also help them improve their time management skills.  

Online and Printable Coordinate Geometry Worksheets

The printable PDF coordinate geometry worksheets for 6th grade can be solved offline once downloaded from the BYJU’S Math website. This will give students the convenience to solve the worksheet problems without any time constraints. The PDF worksheets are easy to download and work on. The online worksheets for 6th grade students are solved on the BYJU’S Math website. These worksheets are timed, and will encourage students to participate in such time bound activities in the future. Students are able to view the solutions instantly in the online mode as well as share scores and invite their classmates to attempt the worksheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular and consistent practice of grade 6 coordinate geometry worksheet problems helps students enhance their problem solving skills in terms of both speed and accuracy. Regular use of worksheets helps them strengthen their conceptual understanding of the topics and identify gaps in their understanding of the concept.

The problems in grade 6 coordinate geometry worksheets cover all concepts important for a sixth grade student such as plotting points, ordered pairs, represent and interpret data, draw and interpret line graphs, make and interpret polygons, and graphing inequalities and ratio relationships.

A sound knowledge of the concepts of coordinate geometry helps students to quickly learn drawing and interpreting geometric shapes on a coordinate plane. Plotting, graphing and analyzing figures are important skills that will be handy in higher grades to solve complex problems in coordinate geometry.

Online grade 6 coordinate geometry worksheets associate the learning process with a fun element as they are integrated with an interactive feature. These worksheets follow the common core math structure and assist the student to get completely familiarized with the methods and terms used in coordinate geometry. This makes it easy for them to relate the concepts learnt with what is asked in a question.

Yes they are! BYJU’S Math offers a wide range of math worksheets for students from grades 1 to 8, and these worksheets are completely free.

The problems in grade 6 coordinate geometry worksheets are curated as per the grade 6 syllabus present in the common core standard. Hence, few topics covered here require a student to know the basics of ratios and inequalities in math. If you feel the need to revise these concepts you check out the following links: