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6th Grade Dividing Fractions Worksheets Explained:

A fraction is a part of a whole. It consists of two natural numbers, say a and b, and written in an ‘ab’ format, in which a represents the number of equal parts that are being counted, and b represents the number of equal parts there are in the whole. These grade 6 dividing fractions worksheets provide a variety of questions such as, computation of the quotient, drawing models, finding reciprocals and the division of mixed numbers. Worksheets for dividing fractions in grade 6 aid the student in recalling and thoroughly examining the terms and concepts associated with fractions.

The sixth grade dividing fractions worksheets consist of questions based on the following topics:

  • Finding Reciprocals: Two numbers whose product is 1 are reciprocals, or multiplicative inverses. To write the reciprocal of a number, first write the number as a fraction. Then invert the fraction. These sixth grade dividing fractions worksheets contain questions where the reciprocal of a number or fraction is found. Finding the reciprocal types of questions can be solved orally.
  • Drawing a model to explain division of fractions: Division of fractions can be expressed with the use of models, such as number line, area model or tape diagram. The models use visuals which attracts students and results in them spending more time on these worksheets
  • Division of fractions: Grade six dividing fractions worksheets help students to strengthen their computing abilities by dividing fractions by another fraction, a number or a mixed number.    
  • Dividing mixed numbers: Operations on mixed numbers is a very important concept included in the worksheets on fractions. Dividing fractions worksheets for grade 6 helps the student to strengthen their knowledge about division operations on mixed numbers. Students can also observe real life problems based on mixed numbers.

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Benefits of 6th Grade Dividing Fractions Worksheets

  • Fraction Worksheets (Easy): Sixth grade dividing fractions worksheets assists students in remembering how to approach division on fractions in a stepwise manner, and the problems start with simple fractions in which the numerator and denominator are single digit numbers. Students work their way up to more complex operations as they complete worksheets.


  • Fraction worksheets (Medium): Printable and online dividing fractions worksheets for grade 6 enable a student to relate to real life conditions in which fractions are commonly applied. It also helps students to strengthen their ability to quickly solve problems on different operations linked to fractions.
  • Fraction worksheets (Hard): These online as well as printable free dividing fractions worksheets for sixth grade assist students in understanding the many types of situations that require the use of multi-step solutions. These worksheets also assist students in developing their problem solving skills for upcoming grades.     

Printable PDFs and Online Worksheets:

Free printable dividing fractions worksheets for 6th grade act as excellent resources to boost skills related to solving problems on the division of fractions, and to prepare students for school tests and other aptitude exams. These 6th grade dividing fractions worksheets support the student in comprehensively grasping the steps that are a part of performing the division of fractions. The questions in the worksheets are descriptive and may be supported with visuals. A major impact is the application of this understanding of fractions to real life situations. Attempting hard level worksheets prepares students to solve problems that will appear in higher grades. Students can therefore test their knowledge on fractions by applying the most appropriate steps to solve problems. Timed worksheets also help a student to enhance time management skills, especially while solving particular types of questions. It’s mainly because of timed worksheets that students can also compare scores and the time taken to solve a worksheet with friends and challenge them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sixth grade dividing fractions worksheets help the student to develop the following skills:

  • Find reciprocals of fractions or numbers
  • Drawing a model to explain division of fractions 
  • Divide fractions accurately
  • Divide mixed numbers

These free online grade 6 dividing fractions worksheets link learning multiple concepts with a fun element. These worksheets follow the common core math structure and assist the student to be completely familiar with the methods and terms used in 6th grade.

A student follows the following steps to find the division of two mixed numbers:

Step 1: Convert mixed numbers into improper fractions

Step 2: Find the reciprocal of the second fraction

Step 3: Multiply the first fraction with the reciprocal of the second fraction to find the quotient

Students will need to apply this method to solve problems in the worksheets.

Hard level problems are context based and may have solutions with multiple steps. Students will have to apply the basic concepts as well as two or more operations to solve some problems. These hard level problems prepare a student to enhance aptitude skills and gear up for future grades.

When students solve worksheets on their own, it promotes active learning as they feel a sense of accomplishment. It raises the curiosity level about fractions, especially in relation to specific topics within this chapter, and in turn, enables them to take up more challenging questions. In the dividing fractions worksheets for grade 6 by BYJU’S Math, students also learn methods of applying stepwise solutions that further strengthens their understanding of operations related to fractions.

A mixed number consists of two parts, one is the whole number and the other part is a fraction. We obtain an improper fraction by multiplying the whole number with the denominator of the fraction linked to the mixed number. We then add the numerator to the product and this is how to make an improper fraction from a mixed number. The denominator of the improper fraction remains the same as the denominator of the fraction of the mixed number.