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6th Grade Fractions, Decimals and Percent Worksheets Explained

Percent expresses a number as a part of the number 100 or a part to whole ratio, where the whole is 100. A sound knowledge of percent is essential in a number of real life situations such as percent score in a test or exam, profit or loss percent in a business deal or a transaction, percent share in a business and discount percent offered by a store on a commodity or a service.

The grade 6 fractions, decimals and percent worksheets presents a variety of problems that covers a range of concepts on percent such as:

  • Percents and fractions - Students start by understanding the concept of percent and then writing percent as a fraction or a fraction as a percent. The model based interpretation of percent is a useful visual and the sixth grade fractions, decimals and percent worksheets are based on familiarizing students with the conversion of any fraction to a percent using equivalent fractions.

  • Percents and decimals - Writing percent as decimals and decimals as a percent is an important skill to solve percent based problems. The 6th grade fractions, decimals and percent worksheets present an array of such problems which strengthens a student’s understanding of how the decimal point moves when multiplying or dividing by 100.

  • Comparing and ordering percent - Comparison and ordering of percent values encourages students to have a sound understanding of writing percent in fraction or in decimal form. The fractions, decimals and percent worksheets for grade 6 enable students to compare and order percent, fractions and decimals.

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Benefits of 6th Grade Fractions, Decimals and Percent Worksheets

The grade 6 fractions, decimals and percent worksheets are of great assistance to students in forming a strong foundation on the basics as well as advanced concepts of percent. These worksheets are prepared with varied difficulty levels to allow students to first grasp the fundamentals and then move on to application based problems on percents.

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percent Problems-easy 

Sixth grade fractions, decimals and percent worksheets set with an easy difficulty level allow students to start by solving simple and direct questions. Most problems in this worksheet will be based on writing percents as fractions and decimals.

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percent Problems-medium

These worksheets for grade 6 enable students to widen their understanding of the concept of fractions, decimals and percents. The problem solving here will require multiple methods or arithmetic operations to make students think from all perspectives. The problems here will be of the type - find the whole if the part and percent is given, or compare and order a set of fractional and decimal numbers.

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percent Problems-hard

The harder version of the 6th grade fractions, decimals and percent worksheet caters to problems requiring multi-step estimation of percents or missing values using the concept of percent. The questions in this worksheet also revolve around real life scenarios in which a student will apply the concept of percents to model the situation in equation form or a ratio table.

Printable PDFs and Online Worksheets:

The printable PDF fractions, decimals and percent worksheets for 6th grade can be done offline once downloaded from the website. This will give the students ample scope to solve the worksheet problems without any time limit attached. These PDF worksheets are easy to download and work on. The worksheets with an interactive feature for 6th grade students are solved in an online mode. These worksheets are timed and will encourage the students to participate in such time bound activities in the future. Students are also able to instantly obtain the solutions for these worksheets in the online mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular practice of these grade 6 worksheets boosts active learning among students. Solving these problems instill in them a sense of accomplishment. It raises the curiosity level about percent in relation to specific topics, and in turn, enables them to take up more challenging questions. In these worksheets, students may also learn alternative methods of solving problems and get a deep insight into step-wise solutions that further strengthens their understanding.

In our everyday life we come across many instances where a quantity or an amount includes a whole and a part of the whole or just the part of the whole. In such cases the accurate or precise value of the amount can be expressed in fraction or decimal form.

Problems related to the sale or purchase of an article or service often involve discounts, profits or loss percents. So, students who have a thorough understanding of percent calculations will be able to quickly solve problems related to buying and selling products.

A sound understanding of the concept of fractions, decimals and percent helps students to quickly learn how to represent part of a whole. A firm understanding of fractions and decimals also comes in handy in percent based problems in higher grades to solve problems on advanced topics such as percent proportion, percent equation, markups, discounts and simple interest.

The problems in these worksheets include questions on finding percent, writing percent as fraction or decimal, determining unknown values in a percent equation and real life scenario-based word problems.

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