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6th Grade Geometry Worksheets Explained:

The goal of the sixth-grade geometry worksheets is to further the reach and scope of the vast number of concepts covered in geometry in a clear and interesting way. The following topics are covered in the grade 6 geometry worksheets:

  • Plot Points in a Coordinate Plane
  • Relate Points in a Coordinate Plane
  • Draw Polygons in a Coordinate Plane
  • Graph Data
  • Make and Interpret Line Graphs
  • Numerical Patterns
  • Graph and Analyze Relationships
  • Understand the Concept of Volume
  • Find Volumes of Right Rectangular Prisms
  • Apply the Volume Formula
  • Find Unknown Dimensions
  • Find Volumes of Composite Figures

The grade 6 geometry worksheets can be beneficial for students who want to further their understanding of the principles of geometry while still having fun with the exercises.

Advantages of the 6th grade geometry worksheets 

The sixth grade geometry worksheets help students master challenging geometry concepts by placing them in an environment that challenges them and encourages them to explore and broaden their understanding of multiple concepts. Innovative problems are provided for each of the concepts such as coordinate plane, graphs, the volume of 3D shapes, and 2D shapes, which will help students better understand the topics while also testing their understanding. The 6th grade geometry topics listed below will provide students with a thorough understanding of the various ideas they have already been introduced to.

Why not recollect some of the math concepts that you learned a while back to improve your skills:

Introduction to coordinate plane


Area of Parallelogram


Areas of Trapezoids and Kites

Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Area Of Isosceles Triangles

Printable PDFs and Online Worksheets:

You can easily download and take a print of the sixth grade geometry worksheets from the BYJU'S Math website and complete them offline. Students will benefit from having enough time to do the worksheet problems without being under pressure. Online solutions are available for the students who solve the sixth grade worksheets on the BYJU’S Math website. These time bound worksheets will further encourage students to engage in similar activities in other subjects as well. The answers to the questions are immediately available to the students who choose the online worksheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

The volume of each component of composite shapes can be added to determine the total volume of the composite shape.

The volume determines the amount of space occupied by an object. These are concepts that will eventually be used in building structures or creating simple objects.

Quadrilaterals are four sided, two dimensional shapes that have many characteristics, such as having four sides and four angles, but each quadrilateral is distinct in its own way.

The area occupied by a shape in three dimensions is referred to as the volume of a cube. The equation can be expressed in terms of length, width and height.

The intersection of the x and y axes creates a two-dimensional plane known as the coordinate plane.