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6th Grade multiplying Decimals Worksheets Explained:

A decimal is a number that consists of a whole number and a fraction. Decimal numbers lie between integers and represent a numerical value for quantities that are ‘whole with a part of another whole number’. These grade 6 multiplying decimals worksheets provide a variety of questions including multiplication of decimals by whole numbers and multiplication of decimals by decimals. Worksheets for multiplying decimals in grade 6 assist the student in recalling and thoroughly reinforcing the terms and concepts associated with decimals.

The sixth grade multiplying decimals worksheets consist of questions based on the following topics:

    • Multiplying decimals by whole numbers:  A student can follow the same method of multiplying whole numbers. Then the number of decimal places in the decimal factor is counted and the decimal point is added after counting the same number of digits in the product. We have to ensure that the product has the same number of decimal places. 
  • Multiplying decimals by decimals: A student multiplies as he would with whole numbers. Then add the number of decimal places in the factors. The sum of these decimal places is the number of decimal places in the product.
  • Evaluating expressions: Expression may contain multiplication operations. Applying the multiplication operation on decimals to evaluate the expressions using PEMDAS helps the student to solve problems.

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Benefits of 6th Grade multiplying decimals worksheets

  • Decimal worksheets (Easy): The sixth grade multiplying decimals worksheets help students recall how to multiply decimals in a step by step manner. The problems that begin with multiplying small decimals by both whole numbers and decimal numbers. As they finish the easy level worksheets, students progress to increasingly complex decimal problems.


  • Decimal worksheets (Medium): A student can relate to situations in everyday life where decimals are frequently used by using printable and online multiplying decimals worksheets for grade 6. Additionally, it aids students in developing their speedy problem-solving skills for a variety of decimal-related operations.
  • Decimal worksheets (Hard): The free online as well as printable multiplying decimals worksheets for sixth grade helps students to solve complex decimal problems and assist students in understanding the various types of problems that require the use of multi-step solutions. These worksheets also assist students in developing their problem solving skills for upcoming grades.     

Printable PDFs and Online Worksheets:

Free printable worksheets for multiplying decimals in sixth grade are a great way to improve a student’s problem solving abilities and get them ready for assessments like entrance examinations and aptitude tests. These worksheets for multiplying decimals in sixth grade help the learner fully understand the strategies involved in executing operations with regards to decimals. The problems in the worksheet include ones in which quantities are represented by decimals. The use of this understanding of decimals in practical contexts, such as weight or measurement, has a significant impact on students. Attempting worksheets at a challenging level helps pupils get ready to solve difficulties that will occur in higher grades. As a result, students can assess their understanding of decimals by using relevant methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-decimal numbers are all integers that don’t have any fraction linked to them. There is no decimal point used to indicate such integers. Additionally, neither the tenth nor the hundredth places exist in these numbers. Examples are 15, 335, 5000 and other whole numbers.

While dealing with aspects such as money, weight and length, we employ decimals. When greater accuracy is needed than whole numbers can offer, decimal numbers are utilized. For instance, we do not always find the weight on the scale to be equivalent to a whole number when we calculate our weight on a weighing machine. We need to comprehend what the decimal value on the scale implies in order to accurately determine our exact weight. The concept of decimals significant areas such as money and measurement in daily life are covered in the worksheets.

Sixth grade multiplying decimals worksheets help the student to strengthen his knowledge on following topics:

  • Multiplying decimal by whole numbers
  • Multiplying decimals by decimals 
  • Evaluating expressions involving decimals

Free online grade 6 multiplying decimals worksheets link learning multiple concepts with a fun element. These worksheets follow the common core math structure and assist the student to be familiar with the methods and terms used in 6th grade.

There two types of decimal numbers:

  • Terminating decimal numbers
  • Non-terminating decimal number


Non-terminating decimal can classified into two types:

  • Non- terminating repeating decimals
  • Non- terminating non-repeating decimals

When students solve worksheets on their own, it promotes active learning as they feel a sense of accomplishment. It raises the curiosity level about decimals, especially in relation to specific topics within this chapter, and in turn, enables them to take up more challenging questions. In the multiplying decimals worksheets for grade 6 by BYJU’S Math, students also learn methods of applying stepwise solutions that further strengthens their understanding of operations related to decimals.