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6th Grade Ratio and Proportion Worksheets Explained:

Ratio is defined as the relationship between two amounts or quantities. Proportion on the other hand is an equation which relates two ratios. The concept of ratio and proportion applies to a number of real life scenarios such as determining speed of a vehicle using the ratio of distance traveled to time or in comparing the price per ounce when grocery shopping. 

These worksheets are especially designed with handpicked questions for students on varied aspects of ratio and proportion, such as:

  • Ratios: These exercises let the students strengthen their understanding of the meaning of ratio. Student’s apply their knowledge of ratio to solve simple and direct problems to complex and challenging problems involving multi-step solutions.
  • Modeling Ratio: These problems on ratio allow the students to read the question, understand it, and model the given ratio using a tape diagram. Having a solid knowledge on modeling ratios will also make the students interpret ratios in a given tape diagram.
  • Ratio Tables: This section helps students to create ratio tables using various operations. Such tables will help students to compare ratios and understand the concept of equivalent ratios. 
  • Graphing Ratio Relationships: These problems focus on enabling a student to create and plot ordered pairs from a ratio relationship. The students can then create graphs of the ratio relationships and compare ratios.
  • Proportion: These problems focus on forming proportion using ratios and finding the missing value in a given proportion. The problems here are based on simple proportions.

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Benefits of 6th Grade Ratio and Proportion Worksheets

The BYJU’S Math ratio and proportion worksheets for grade 6 are specially created to motivate students to apply their knowledge of this concept to real life instances. The problems here not only improve a student’s problem solving skills but also help build a basic understanding of the topic for those who are facing challenges in grasping concepts. Each worksheet is designed with a set level of difficulty with reference to the questions, ranging from easy to hard. Let’s comprehend these difficulty levels in detail.

  • Easy - Sixth grade ratio and proportion worksheets set with an easy difficulty level are best suited for students beginning with the concepts of ratio and proportion. The problems here are more direct which require recalling facts and a basic understanding of the concept. These worksheets prepare students for complex problems with multiple steps in the solution.
  • Medium - In the medium level, the problems in ratio and proportion worksheets for 6th grade are based on the ability of students to use the given information in the question and draw connections to arrive at the correct answer. The problem solving here will require multiple steps and related concepts to make students think in multiple directions. 
  • Hard - The grade 6 ratio and proportion worksheets marked ‘Hard’ enable students to apply multiple concepts simultaneously. These worksheets ensure a smooth transition from easy and direct problems to complex and challenging problems. Thus, the students are able to think in new ways and enhance their critical thinking skills by relating the unknown values with the known values in a problem. This in turn lays a firm foundation for them to easily solve real life scenarios. 

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, regular practice of the problems in the grade 6 ratio and proportion worksheets enhances a student’s problem solving skills and their ability to automatically recall facts and solve problems. With regular and consistent practice of worksheet problems, students will be able to identify gaps in their understanding of concepts linked to ratio and proportion.

Printable PDFs & Online 6th Grade Worksheets

Free printable ratio and proportion worksheets for the 6th grade are a great tool to improve problem-solving abilities and to get students ready for assessments at school. These worksheets help the student have a thorough understanding of how to apply operations on ratios. With the use of visuals, the online 6th grade ratio and proportion worksheets make learning engaging. These online timed worksheets can also assist students improve their time management abilities, particularly when tackling specific types of problems. With these timed worksheets the student can also compare scores and time spent on the worksheets with classmates and challenge them as well. The students are also encouraged to find the quickest way to solve timed questions like these.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ratio in math is used to describe the relationship between two measures. These measures can be quantities, amounts or size of two or more things.

Ratio and proportion as a concept is used in everyday life in instances like comparing prices per ounce, calculating unit price, calculating speed of a moving vehicle and many other situations.

When students solve worksheets on their own, it promotes active learning as they feel a sense of accomplishment. It raises the curiosity level about topics on ratios and proportions, and in turn, enables them to take up more challenging questions. In these worksheets for grade 6 from BYJU’S Math, students also learn the method of applying step-wise solutions that further strengthens their understanding of ratios.

These 6th grade ratio and proportion worksheets cover the following topics:

  • Ratio 
  • Ratio Tables 
  • Modeling ratios using tape diagram
  • Graphing ratios  
  • Simple Proportions

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