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IBPS PO Exam 2019 is on the verge of completion and the aspirants now have to prepare for IBPS PO exam 2020. witnessing the increased competition, standing a step ahead of the others is now the need of the hour.

To accomplish the dream to be a Probationary Officer, the candidates need to start their preparation for the IBPS Exam in a proper way i.e. they need to prioritize their plans so to increase heir IBPS PO marks.

This article gives a complete study plan to score high IBPS PO marks and ace IBPS PO exam.

The study plan will help the candidates to prepare properly for one of the most competitive exams in the country. With dedication and hard work, this bank exam can be easily cracked and a secured future is guaranteed.

Complete Study Plan To Score Good IBPS PO Marks

The study plan for scoring good IBPS PO marks in the upcoming IBPS PO Exam 2020 is given below:

Analyzing weakness and strategy formulation

The very first thing to keep in mind for scoring good IBPS PO marks is analysing the weak areas and working on them.  It’s very natural that we feel very confident in some topics while we struggle in some. Here most of the candidates commit a big mistake and they start ignoring their weak topics and focus on their strongholds itself and then often fail to clear the sectional cut-offs.

So, it is very important that you should focus on all the sections and topics equally given in the IBPS PO Syllabus.

A very simple way to start your preparation is that you can start to solve the questions from one section and analyze the topics that you are less confident at.

Once you get to know your weak topics, start working on those weak areas. Try to complete a topic every day and mark the completed topics at the end.

To analyse the weak area and score good IBPS PO marks aspirants must take regular IBPS PO Mock Tests.

Making notes

Many students have this habit of making notes about the topics they study while others think it is a waste of time since writing takes a lot of time.

Well, making short notes may not help you during your preparation time but the notes that you make now would surely help you for your last minute revision when you cannot afford to read the whole topics again and this ultimately helps you bag good IBPS PO marks.

The important topics as per the latest IBPS PO Exam Pattern should be revised thoroughly to avoid confusion during the exam.

Clearing fundamentals and learning shortcut tricks

Can you ever imagine building a 50 storey building without a proper foundation? Obviously No right? Well, this is completely analogous to education i.e. without a proper foundation of basics one cannot be fully confident in any topic.

So, it is very important that you start to work on the Basics of the topic you feel you are not so good at.

Doing this will ensure that you have proper knowledge of the basics and thus solving higher-level questions will be much easier and faster.

Now discovering various shortcut tricks to solve some particular questions will also be easier which will help you to manage time in the exam.

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Apply the Pomodoro Technique while studying

Often we feel the urge to take breaks every hour while we study. But, very soon we start to realize that we are wasting time and that we should study continuously for more hours.

Well, recent research proposes a contrary thought. Francesco Cirillo devised this method called the Pomodoro Technique in the late 1980s to increase the efficiency of doing work.

With this technique, all you have to do is divide your study hours into segments and take a 5-minute break every 25 minutes. Each of those study segments is called a Pomodoro. Take a longer break of 15 minutes after every 4-Pomodoros.

This technique will surely enhance your memory retention and help you to cover more topics with higher efficiency.


Now, this is not actually a preparation tip but this is the most crucial activity in the entire preparation phase. Without practice, one cannot get the proper hold in the topics and sections for the exam.

So it is very important that you practice, practice and practice until you are extremely confident in all the topics necessary for the exam.

It is also very important that you practice previous year bank exam question papers and sample papers to get well acquainted with the pattern and type of questions asked in the exam.

You can check free IBPS Mock tests for other exams conducted by IBPS.

Stay confident and Revise

Being confident is one of the most important aspects of any exam. Stay confident and keep revising the topics that you have already covered.

In the exam, if you are calm, composed and confident, you can solve the questions with ease and with much higher accuracy thus leading to good IBPS PO marks.

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Aspirants can also get notification about the upcoming bank exams and previous year papers to prepare for the exams accordingly.

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