Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)

In 2019, a few cabinet committees were reconstituted.  Cabinet Committee on Security was one such committee to be reconstituted under the Transaction. Hence, it becomes important for the IAS Exam aspirants to know about the important cabinet committees for UPSC preparation. ‘Cabinet Committee on Security’ is one of the important committees which is being discussed in this article.

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Important Facts about the Cabinet Committee on  Security

Cabinet Committee on Security – UPSC Notes

What is the role of the Cabinet Committee on Security? The committee is responsible for debates, discussions and appointments of/in the national security bodies.
What is the composition of Cabinet Committee on Security? The following are the members of the CCS:

  1. Prime Minister
  2. Minister of Defence
  3. Minister of Home Affairs
  4. Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs
  5. Minister of External Affairs

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Functions of Cabinet Committee on Security

  1. Dealing with defence-related issues – For example, in January 2021, the Cabinet Committee on Security has cleared the purchase of Tejas Mark 1 A (Light Combat Aircraft) from the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
  2. Dealing with the issues concerning law and order and national security – The committee discusses different initiatives to taken from time-to-time to enhance the national security of India.
  3. Discussing the issues concerning international deals that impact India’s security.
  4. Discussing the political issues revolving around the nation’s security.
  5. Evaluating the need for the national security apparatus and bringing in desired changes to enhance national security.
  6. Considering all cases involving capital expenditure of more than Rs. 1000 crores in respect of Department of Defence Production and Department of Defence Research and Development.
  7. Discussing matters related to atomic energy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cabinet Committee on Security


Q 1. Who heads the Cabinet Committee on Security in India?

Ans. The Prime Minister of the country is responsible for heading the Cabinet Committee on Security in India.

Q 2. What is the role of Cabinet Committee on Security in India?

Ans. The Cabinet Committee on Security is responsible for conducting discussions and debates on issues on national security. It is also responsible for appointments of/in the national security bodies.

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