Prepare For Upcoming SSC Exams Without Coaching

Lakhs of aspirants eagerly wait for the recruitment notification for the most sought after exams conducted by SSC- Staff Selection Commission. 

Many aspirants think that these All India Entrance Examination are difficult to crack as it requires unique preparation strategies which are provided only in coaching institutes, but this is not true. 

Though the competition for SSC 20231 is going to be really tough as lakhs for candidates register for SSC exams and the number keeps increasing every year but it does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money and join a coaching institute in order to ace upcoming SSC exams.   

Yes, you can prepare for SSC exams by yourself without help from any coaching centers and can attain success too.

Aspirants who have set their target for SSC 2023 are going to gain a lot from this article as we have collated a few simple and very important tips to prepare for upcoming SSC exams without coaching.

Check the SSC eligibility conditions for various Staff Selection Commission exams.

Government Exam 2023

Before heading to the preparation tips for the SSC exam without coaching, take a glance at various exams conducted by the Staff Selection Commission. 

The SSC Conducts exams like:

For the latest information on the above-mentioned exams, kindly check the SSC Notification page.

Tips To Prepare For SSC Exams Without Coaching 

Not everyone needs to go to a coaching class to clear the examination. Here are some helpful tips to guide yourself through SSC 2023 preparation and reach your goal.

First thing first, be through with what you have to study. SSC is renowned for changing the SSC exam pattern once every few years. Therefore, it is advised that you stay updated with the exam pattern and syllabus. Try to understand the approach of the exam and prepare accordingly. Download the latest SSC syllabus from the official website as it gives you a perception of the paper and the right direction to start off with your preparation. 

You can also check the SSC Previous Year Question Papers for a better understanding of the exam pattern and scope of various exams.

SSC CGL Previous Year Paper SSC CPO Previous Year Paper SSC CGL Exam Analysis

Second, prepare a study schedule. Make a study plan that will cover your syllabus and follow it religiously. Estimate the daily study time you can sit for preparation and choose 2 to 3-time slots for studying as it is generally not possible to daily study at the same timings. Do not stick to studying just one subject, make a sequence or routine of studying a particular subject. Also, it is advised to read chapter wise in rotation for every subject alternatively, this results in speedy learning and maximum knowledge gain.

Third, Time is Prime. Hone your time management skills to ace the exam. During the final exam, you will have to decide how much time to give to a particular section. You cannot afford to lose a single extra minute on any section otherwise you won’t be able to attend another section. 

To learn time management it is important for you to take free time-based Online Quizzes. 
Online Quiz 2023

Fourth, tackle each subject individually. You need to evaluate and analyze your weak and strong areas in all the subjects be it English, Reasoning, General Awareness, or Quantitative Aptitude. The weaker areas might shake your confidence at times, but it will help you stay aware. 

Like, reasoning ability judges the cognitive skill and analytical ability of the candidate. You can easily score well in this section without learning any formulae, just by applying common sense and regular practice. 

Similarly, Quantitative Aptitude tests the candidates’ ability to use numbers and number sense appropriately. The scope of the question in this section is limited to class 10th mathematics. All you need to do is practice and attempt questions with accuracy. 

English is a tough nut to crack but it should not scare you off. You need dedicated preparation time for this section. The entire paper is basically based on grammar, therefore, work more on that. Lots of reading is required to understand sentence construction and comprehending the context.

Then comes the most important and scoring section, the General Awareness section. Make sure that you answer questions from this section only when you are 100% sure of it. Prepare well for this section as it helps you fetch good marks while consuming less time. 

For general awareness section preparation you can check the following links:

Current Affairs Static GK
Daily News Analysis SSC General Awareness

For detailed SSC preparation tips and tricks check the linked page.

Check the important study material curated specially for the SSC exams:

SSC CGL books SSC CHSL Books SSC JE Books SSC GD Books

Fifth, Revise and Analyse. It is important that you do the revision of what you have studied so that you get to know the level of your preparation. For revision, you can take SSC Mock Tests. It will help you to know your weak and strong areas, and you can do a more focused study for the same. Mock tests will also help you understand the real exam scenario. Revision can also be done by solving previous year question papers and taking online quizzes.  

Check the important links given below for revision and practice:

SSC GD Mock Tests SSC CPO Mock Tests
SSC CGL Mock Tests SSC CHSL Mock Tests

SSC exam is touted to be one of the toughest exams in the country. Many students fear that it is difficult to clear the SSC 2023 without taking any coaching class as the syllabus is more extensive than ever. But, staying on top of things and understanding the smart ways of studying is imperative if you need to make way through the intense competition of SSC examination.

Fifth, If you are able, consider getting an SSC Coach or taking online classes with experts who have taken this exam in the past. SSC coaches can help you prepare for the exams at home and without coaching.

Sixth, Taking more practice questions in advance allows you to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie when it comes time for the real deal, so make sure that you take every test available!

Seventh, Books such as “Cracking The Senior Civil Service Exam” by S. Saini, “The SSC Exam Prep Guide” by T. Srivastava and C. Sharma, or the “SSC Coaching Course for Civil Servants from a DCS (Retd.)” are good examples of self-study material that you can use to help prepare for SSC CGL at home without coaching

Eighth, Keep in mind that it takes time to get used to answering questions under pressure – so take your preparation seriously!

Ninth: It’s also important not to lose motivation during this phase too as it will only make things more difficult than they already are when exam day arrives

Frequently Asked Question about SSC Preparation


Is SSC tough to crack?

The first thing that you have to kept in mind is that cracking SSC exam is not an easy task, most of the student that qualifies the exams are repeaters (i.e. they have given the exam before also) so if you want to crack the exam in your very first attempt then you really have to work hard, and also have to follow a set preparation strategy

Which is easy SSC or bank exam?

The reasoning part of bank exams is tougher than the SSC exam as it more concept based. Though the Quantitative Aptitude Section is almost the same for both exams, candidates preparing for SSC CGL need to focus more on conceptual topics like trigonometry, Algebra, etc.

How can I clear my SSC without coaching?

  •     Understand The Exam Patterns.
  •     Prepare An Effective Study Schedule.
  •     Tackle The Subjects Individually.
  •     Participate In The Study Forums.
  •     Enrol In Online Classes.
  •     Take Free Mock Tests.

Aspirants of SSC 2023 can check the important dates and details on the SSC exam Calendar 2023 page. 


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