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SSC GD Mock Tests - SSC GD Free Mock Tests & Sample Papers

SSC GD Mock Test 2023- Candidates must solve the free SSC GD Constable Mock test provided by BYJU’S for extensive preparation of the SSC General Duty examination. SSC GD Online test series help candidates apprehend their performance and understand the scope and difficulty level of questions asked in the SSC GD Constable exam.

The Staff Selection Commission conducts the open exam of SSC GD for recruitment of Constables in BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB, NIA, SSF and Rifleman in Assam Rifles. For more details on SSC GD, candidates can check the linked article.

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SSC GD exam is easy compared to other SSC exams. SSC GD stands for General Duty exam. It is a national-level exam taken by lakhs of candidates to get selected as constables in the Indian Security Forces.

Candidates can know more about other SSC exams in the page link provided.

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SSC GD Online Mock Tests

Take SSC GD Mock Test Free and prepare for the actual exam for the best result. Each SSC GD Practice Set consists of 25 questions from the three main sections of the SSC exams: Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language.

SSC GD Mock Test 1:- Download PDF Here

SSC GD Mock Test 2:- Download PDF Here

SSC GD Mock Test 3:- Download PDF Here

Religiously solving free SSC GD Practice Set for GD Constable 2023 exam will enable candidates to analyze their weak and strong sections or topics. The SSC GD free mock tests have been prepared to keep in mind the latest SSC GD Exam pattern.

Regularly taking Constable SSC GD  practice tests help to understand where a candidate stands among its peers and increases the chances to ace the SSC GD Constable exam in the first attempt itself.

The free SSC GD Constable mock test series will give candidates an actual exam-like feel. It is the best way a candidate can examine their preparation level for the examination.

Candidates preparing for other SSC exams can check the SSC Mock Test page for free mock tests on various SSC exams.

SSC GD Exam Pattern

The SSC GD exam pattern is set by the Staff Selection Commission. It is conducted in three stages upon the qualification of which candidates are recruited for the Constable General Duty post in the security forces of India. Practicing SSC GD Mock Test religiously will also help candidates to understand the examination pattern well.

These phases are mentioned below:

Stage 1: – Written Exam (Objective type)

Stage 2: – Physical Standard Test/ Physical Efficiency Test

Stage 3: – Medical Test

The SSC GD Exam Pattern for written exam is as follows:

Subject No. Of Questions Max Marks Time Duration
General Intelligence &


25 25 120 Minutes


General Knowledge & General Awareness 25 25
Elementary Mathematics 25 25
English/Hindi 25 25
Total 100 100

Candidates must take free SSC GD Mock tests to know their preparation level, the latest exam pattern, time to be given to each question during the final face-off. Also, It gives candidates a chance to practise and revise the whole syllabus.

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The SSC GD Constable free mock test pattern will be the same as the one given below. Candidates can refer to the free SSC GD mock test online given below.

SSC GD Mock Test 1

Directions (1-3): Read the information given below and answer the following questions:

Seven boys Ashish, Divya, Manas, Udit, Preeti, Kiran and Jagriti live in three different buildings – Green Homes, Sky High and Lake view. Each of them flies kites of different colours i.e., red, orange, purple, brown, grey, yellow and pink, not necessarily in that order. Not more than three or less than two stays in any of the buildings. Kiran is flying a pink kite and lives in the same building as only Jagriti, i.e. Green Homes. Manas is flying a grey kite and does not live in Lake view building. Udit does not live in the same building as Ashish or Preeti and is flying a yellow coloured kite. Divya lives in Lake view building with only one more person and is flying an orange kite. None in the Sky High building flies a brown kite. Preeti does not fly a purple kite.

Q 1. Which colour kite does Kiran fly?

  1. Yellow
  2. Red
  3. Purple
  4. Pink
  5. Grey

Answer: 4

Q 2. Which among the given set of people live in Sky-high building?

  1. Ashish, Preeti, Manas
  2. Kiran, Preeti
  3. Jagriti, Udit
  4. Divya, Manas, Preeti
  5. Kiran, Udit

Answer: 1

Q 3. Who flies the grey-coloured kite?

  1. Ashish
  2. Divya
  3. Jagriti
  4. Manas
  5. Preeti

Answer: 4

Solution (1-3):

Ashish purple Sky High
Divya orange Lake view
Manas grey Sky High
Udit Yellow Lake view
Preeti Red Sky High
Kiran Pink Green Homes
Jagriti brown Green Homes

Directions (4-5): Answer the following questions based on the information given below:

In a certain code language, ‘si no ki’ is written as ‘clouds pour rain’

‘No bi mt’ is written as ‘rain he goes’

‘Bi no zi’ stands for ‘stood rain he’

Q 4. What is ‘clouds’ coded as?

  1. Si
  2. No
  3. Zi
  4. Ki
  5. Either ‘si’ or ‘ki’

Answer: 5

Q 5. What is the code for ‘clouds rain pour’?

  1. No ki zi
  2. Zi bi mt
  3. No ki si
  4. No bi si
  5. Si ki no

Answer: 3

Solution (4-5):

Clouds – si / ki

Pour – si / ki

rain – no

He – bi

Goes – mt

stood – zi

Q 6. X is the son of L. D is the son of J. X is married to C. C is J’s daughter. How is D related to X?

  1. Brother
  2. Sister
  3. Uncle
  4. Brother in law
  5. Cannot be determined

Answer: 4

Solution 6:

X is the son of L

D is the son and C is the daughter of J

C is married to X

Therefore, D is the brother-in-law of X.

Q 7. In the word ‘ENTHUSIASTIC’, how many such pair of letters are there in the word as many letters between them in the English Alphabet.

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. More than four
  5. Five

Answer: 2

Solution 7:

SSC GD Mock Tests - Question And Answers

Directions (8-9): For the following questions, statements are given followed by conclusions. Based on the conclusion, mark the correct option.



  • All pins are nails.
  • Some nails are hammers.
  • Some hammers are screw.
  • Some screws are Axe.


  1. Some Axe being hammers is a possibility .
  2. Some screws are nails.
  3. Some screw not being pins is a possibility.
  4. Some Axes are nails.
  1. Only I and II follows
  2. Only II and III follows
  3. Only I and III follows
  4. Only II and IV follows
  5. None of these.

Answer 3

Solution 8:

SSC GD Mock Tests - Question And Answers



  • Some flies are bees
  • Some bees are grasshoppers


  1. Some flies are not grasshoppers
  2. Some grasshoppers are not bees
  1. Both I and II follows
  2. Only I follows
  3. Only II follows
  4. Either I or II follows
  5. Neither I or II follows

Answer 5

Solution 9:

SSC GD Mock Tests - Q & A

Directions 10- 11: A part of each sentence given below has been underlined. Select the option that best replaces the underlined part.

Q.10. Many people mistake familiarity for a vulgar style, and suppose that to write without affectation is to write at random speed.

  1. is to write randomly
  2. is to write fast
  3. is to write at random
  4. is to do speed writing
  5. Is to do speedy writing

Answer 3


The management can still hire freely but cannot scold freely.

  1. cannot give umbrage
  2. cannot take decisions to scold
  3. cannot scold willfully
  4. cannot scold at will
  5. Cannot scold at their free will

Answer 4

Directions 12- 14: Fill in the blanks of the following sentences using the most appropriate

word or words from among the options given for each.


Social studies, science matters of health and safety, the atmosphere of the classroom, these areas are few of the _____ for the _____ of proper emotional reactions.

  1. Things, growth
  2. important areas, formation
  3. fertile areas, basis
  4. fertile fields, inculcation
  5. Critical areas, development

Answer 2


Simple arithmetic tells us that there is more ___ than ___.

  1. Improvisation, improvement
  2. Impracticality, knowledge
  3. Imitation, innovation
  4. Improbability, probability
  5. Impersonation, arrangement

Answer 3

Q.14. Football evokes a ___ response in India compared to cricket, that almost ___ the nation.

  1. Languid, murk
  2. Lukewarm, electrifies
  3. Turbid, fascinating
  4. Tepid,boiling
  5. Apocryphal, genuinely fascinates

Answer 2

Directions 15-16: Arrange sentences 1,2,3 and 4 between sentences A and F to form a logical sequence of six sentences.


I. A market for Indian art has existed ever since the international art scene sprang to life.

  1. The fortunes of the Delhi supremos, the Jew Town dealers in Cochin and myriad others around the country were made.
  2. But interest in architectural conceits is an unanticipated fallout of the Festivals of India of the ’80s, which were designed to increase exports of Indian crafts.
  3. Western dealers, unhappy in a market afflicted by violent price fluctuations and unpredictable profit margins, began to look East, and found cheap antiques with irresistible appeal.
  4. Simultaneously, the Indian elite discarded their synthetic sarees and kitsch plastic furniture and a market came into being.

VI. A chain of command was established, from the local contacts to the provincial dealers and up to the big boys, who entertain the Italians and the French, cutting deals worth lakhs in warehouses worth crores.

  1. 1234
  2. 1324
  3. 3421
  4. 3241
  5. 2413

Answer 3


I.The problem of improving Indian agriculture is both a sociological and an administrative one.

  1. It also appears that there is a direct relationship between the size of a state and development.
  2. Without improving Indian agriculture, no liberalisation and delicensing will be able to help India.
  3. The issues of Indian development, and the problem of India’s agricultural sector, will remain with us long into the next century.
  4. At the end of the day, there has to be a ferment and movement of life and action in the vast segment of rural India.

VI. When it starts marching, India will fly.

  1. 4123
  2. 3421
  3. 1342
  4. 1324
  5. 4231

Answer 4

Directions 17 -20 Study the following table and answer the questions based on it.

Household expenses of Mr. A per month over the given years.

Year Expenditure
Salary Grocery Rent Fuel Taxes
2014 288000 9800 13000 2340 8300
2015 342000 11200 25200 3250 10800
2016 324000 10100 38400 4160 7400
2017 336000 13300 36800 3640 8800
2018 420000 14200 39600 4940 9800

Q.17. What will be the average for the rent paid by Mr. A for all the five years together?

  1. 30600
  2. 30200
  3. 29800
  4. 30006
  5. 30060

Answer 1

Solution 17:

Average =

13000 +25200+38400+36800+39600 = 153000

153000/ 5 = 30600

Q.18. what will be the ratio of the amount spent on groceries for the year 2014 to the amount spent on fuel for the year 2017?

  1. 240 : 90
  2. 214 : 92
  3. 242 : 92
  4. 240 : 91
  5. 245 : 91

Answer 5

Solution 18.

Amount spent on groceries for the year 2014= 9800

Amount spent on fuel for the year 2017= 3640

∴ the ratio of the two will be

9800/3640 = 245: 91

Q.19. What will be the savings that Mr. A made per month for the year 2015?

  1. 291510
  2. 219550
  3. 292551
  4. 291550
  5. None of these

Answer 4

Solution 19:

Savings of Mr. A for the year 2015 will be:

Salary – (grocery + rent + fuel + taxes)

∴ 342000 – (11200 + 25200 + 3250 +10800)

342000 – 50450

= 291550

Q.20. If the monthly salary of Mr. A for the year 2019 increases by 25% what will be his new salary?

  1. 500000
  2. 535000
  3. 525000
  4. 535000
  5. 505000

Answer 3

Solution 20:

If the monthly salary of Mr. A for the year 2018 is 420000

Then, after 25% increment salary = 125% of 420000

∴ 125/100 x 420000 = 525000

Directions 21-21 What will come at the place of question mark (?) in the following series?


11826, 3942, 1314, 438, ?

  1. 142
  2. 146
  3. 346
  4. 402
  5. 284

Answer 2

Solution 21:

11826/3= 3942


1314/3= 438

438/3= 146


25, 26, 40, 81, ?

  1. 204
  2. 192
  3. 162.5
  4. 203.5
  5. 205.5

Answer 4

Solution 22:

25 x 1 + 1 = 26

26 x 1.5 + 1 = 40

40 x 2 + 1 = 81

81 x 2.5 + 1 = 203.5

Q.23. 5 kg of Sugar at ₹6 per kg is mixed with 4 kg of sugar to get a mixture costing ₹7 per kg. Find the price of costlier Sugar?

  1. 8.42
  2. 8.25
  3. 8.04
  4. 8.52
  5. 8.75

Answer 2

Solution 23.

Using Straight Line Method:

SSC GD Mock Tests - Questions

4 corresponds to 7 – 6 and 5 corresponds to x – 7.

4 → 1

∴ 5 → 1.25

Hence, x – 7 = 1.25

And x = 8.25

Direction 24-25. in the following question two quadratic equations are given solve the equation and mark the correct answer.


  1. x2 -18x + 45 = 0
  2. y2– 3y – 10 = 0
  3. X > Y
  4. Y> X
  5. X≥ Y
  6. Y≥ X
  7. Y=x or no relation

Answer 5

Solution 24:

Equation I :

x2 – 18x + 45 = 0

X2 – 15x -3x + 45 = 0

x (x – 15) – 3(x – 15)

x = 15 or 3

Equation II:

y2– 3y – 10 = 0

y2 -5x + 2x – 10 = 0

y(y – 5) + 2(y – 5) = 0

y= 2 or 5


Equation I

3x2 + 2x =1

Equation II

11y2+18y+7 = 0

  1. X > Y
  2. Y> X
  3. X≥ Y
  4. Y≥ X
  5. Y=x or no relation

Answer 3

Solution 25:


3x2 + 2x =1

3x2 + 2x – 1 = 0

3x2 + 3x – x – 1 =0

3x (x + 1) – 1 (x + 1) = 0

X = ⅓ or -1


11y2+18y+7 = 0

11y2 11y + 7y + 7 = 0

11y (y + 1) + 7 (y + 1)

Y = -7/11 or -1

Candidates are advised to keep checking this page regularly for new SSC GD free Mock Tests.

Frequently Asked Question – SSC GD Constable Online Mock Tests


Q.1. Why should I choose BYJU’S SSC GD online test series?

Ans. BYJU’S SSC GD Mock Tests are designed by the experts with an aim to provide the best preparation for SSC GD Constable examination. The full length and section-wise SSC GD online mock tests simulate the real exam scenario. The detailed solution and answers to all SSC GD questions after each practice paper give performance reports and help candidates work on their weak sections to score well in the final exams.

Q.2. Can I attempt the SSC GD Online Test series offline also?

Ans. Yes, You can download the SSC GD Mock Tests PDF and can attempt it offline as many times as you want.

Q 3. How can I choose the right SSC GD Sample Papers for exam preparation?

Ans. The digital resource can help you to find out the best SSC GD free online mock tests or sample papers, ensure that the one you chose is good enough to help improve your performance in the SSC GD Constable exams. Here are the parameters to choose right SSC GD exam sample papers or online test series:

  • Firstly, ensure the SSC GD mock tests are aligned with the latest exam pattern and syllabus.
  • The level of questions included in the SSC GD exam practice papers must be moderate.
  • The free mock tests for SSC GD Constable must have standardised and unique questions.
  • The SSC GD practice papers must be easy to access without any technical issues.
  • The analysis report of SSC GD Online Test Series must give clarity on strengths and weaknesses with regards to the SSC GD Syllabus. 
Q.4. Does BYJU’S provide solutions to SSC GD Free Mock Tests?

Q.4. Does BYJU’S provide solutions to SSC GD Free Mock Tests?

Ans. Yes, each online mock test of SSC GD gives the answer and detailed solutions to the questions.

Q.5. Can I retake the SSC GD practice papers to improve my score?

Ans. As the Free SSC GD online mock tests are available in PDF format, candidates can download the pdf and solve the SSC GD sample papers offline to practice and improve.

Q.6. What are the topics covered in SSC GD Syllabus?

Ans. The SSC GD exam is an online test comprising of objective-type questions. The exam comprises questions from Reasoning, English/Hindi, General Awareness and Quantitative Aptitude. Check the detailed SSC GD syllabus.

Q.7. What will I learn after solving Free SSC GD Practice set or Online Mock tests?

Ans. The detailed solution with the clear explanation given after each SSC GD Practice Set will enable you to learn about your weakness, which you can work on thereby improving the overall score in the final exam.



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