SSC CHSL Mock Tests - SSC CHSL 2020-21 Free Online Test Series

The free SSC CHSL mock tests provided by BYJU’s will help candidates practice and outshine in the examination. Since the competition for SSC exams is really tough, it is imperative for candidates to give a finishing touch to their SSC CHSL preparation with the SSC CHSL Online test series.

Candidates need to have intense focus and dedication to ace SSC CHSL, the lucrative and well-paying job. The SSC CHSL Free Mock Tests will help candidates apprehend their performance and understand the type of questions asked in the SSC CHSL Exam.

The Staff Selection Commission is the conducting body for all SSC exams. One of the most important exams conducted by SSC includes the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) exam.

Candidates willing to apply for other exams conducted by Staff Selection Commission can visit the SSC exams page.

SSC CHSL MOCK Test 1:- Download PDF Here

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The SSC CHSL online mock tests comprise 25 questions including questions from the three main sections i.e., reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude and verbal ability. These SSC CHSL free mock tests will help candidates get an idea about the level of questions in the upcoming SSC exams.

For important tips and tricks on SSC CHSL Preparation kindly check the linked page.

SSC CHSL Exam Dates 2020-21

SSC CHSL Notification for the year 2020 is released on November 6th 2020. As per the official notification, the SSC CHSL recruitment will be conducted to recruit 4726 personnel for various posts in SSC.

The following table highlights details about the SSC CHSL 2020 Exam dates:

SSC CHSL Exam 2020-21
Name of the Recruitment Exam SSC CHSL 2020-21
Recruiting Board SSC
SSC CHSL Notification November 6th 2020
SSC CHSL Vacancies 4726
Online Application Submission November 6th to December 26th 2020
SSC CHSL Admit Card March 2021 (Tentative)
Tier I Exam April 12th 2021 onwards
Tier-II Exam Not notified
Tier III Exam Not notified

Assess your preparation with SSC CHSL sample papers or model questions covering all sections of the syllabus aligned with the SSC CHSL previous years’ question papers.

SSC CHSL Mock Tests

Candidates preparing for SSC CHSL 2020-21 exam are suggested to take Free SSC CHSL Online Mock Tests provided by BYJU’s for complete preparation and practice of their exams.

The importance of SSC CHSL free online mock tests is highlighted below:

  1. SSC CHSL Free Mock Tests helps candidates to ascertain the difficulty level of the actual exam.
  2. Section-wise SSC CHSL online mock tests are in line with the latest SSC CHSL Syllabus and help to revise and practice the whole syllabus.
  3. Candidates gain clarity of SSC CHSL exam pattern and scope of questions by regularly solving SSC CHSL sample papers.
  4. Candidates by taking the free online mock test for SSC CHSL identify the particular topics they are weak at and need improvement.
  5. SSC CHSL online mock tests help to identify the gaps in test-taking strategies like speed, time management, question selection, and accuracy.
  6. To best analyse the preparation level free SSC CHSL online mock tests by BYJU’s gives individual scores. This analysis gives an idea of the effort candidates need to put in to score a good rank in the final exam.
  7. SSC CHSL Practice papers help developing strategies to take the exam with minimum negative attempts and maximum accuracy.
  8. Aspirants can check the SSC CHSL Exam Pattern given below for reference.

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern

As per the SSC CHSL Notification, the exam is conducted in three stages:

  • Tier I: Computer Based Exam
  • Tier II: Descriptive Exam
  • Tier III: Skill Test / Typing Test

Candidates can refer the below – mentioned table for SSC CHSL exam syllabus in brief:

SSC CHSL Exam Topics Mode /Type
Computer-Based Exam English Language

General Intelligence

Quantitative Aptitude

General Awareness

Descriptive Exam Letter/Application Writing

Essay Writing

Skill Test Speed Typing Test adjudged on the correct entry of data

The SSC CHSL online test series will help aspirants prepare, practise and revise for the actual exam as the questions are prepared based on the latest exam pattern and SSC CHSL syllabus. It will also help aspirants apprehend their performance and preparation by assessing the marks scored in each mock test.

For detailed information on SSC CHSL exam dates and CHSL exam pattern, check SSC CHSL Notification page.
Online Quiz 2022

Candidates can refer to the free SSC CHSL Free mock test given below and must attempt the paper to evaluate their performances. The free SSC CGL mock test pattern will be the same as the one given below.

SSC CHSL Mock Test 1

Directions (1-3): Study the data given below and answer the following questions:

The pie chart and the corresponding table gives details about the population of seven different cities. Study the information and then answer the following questions:

SSC CHSL Mock Tests - Question

The pie chart shows the proportion of the population of seven cities

Cities % population above the poverty line
R 52
Z 56
Y 68
V 54
S 66
X 64
T 78

Q 1. What is the total number of people below the poverty line in city X, if the total population of city X is 5,34,000?

  1. 1,92,240
  2. 1,91,420
  3. 2,92,240
  4. 3,39,240
  5. 1,82,280

Answer: 1

Solution 1:

The total population of city X = 5,34,000

Percentage of people below the poverty line in city X= (100-64)% = 36%

Total number of people living below poverty line = 36% of 5,34,000 = 1,92,240

Q 2. If the total population of all seven cities is 10,00,000. Then what will be the total number of people living above the poverty line in the city R?

  1. 32,000
  2. 72,000
  3. 55,550
  4. 42,300
  5. 52,000

Answer: 5

Solution 2:

Total population of all seven cities =10,00,000

% of people living above the poverty line in city R = 52%

The population of city R = 10% of 10,00,000 = 1,00,000

Above poverty line population of city R = 52% of 1,00,000 = 52,000

Q 3. If the total population of all seven cities is 10,00,000. Then find the ratio between the total population of city X to that of city Z?

  1. 3:2
  2. 15:12
  3. 7:4
  4. 5:1
  5. 4:3

Answer: 2

Solution 3:

The population of city X = 15% of 10,00,000 = 1,50,000

The population of city Z = 12% of 10,00,000 = 1,20,000

Ratio of population between city X to city Z = 1,50,000 : 1,20,000 = 15:12

Q 4. Eleven books, consisting of five medical books, four science books and two English books, are arranged in a shelf at random. What is the probability that the books of each kind are all together?

  1. 1/1125
  2. 1/1251
  3. 1/1515
  4. 1/1155
  5. 1/1115

Answer: 4

Solution 4:

[(5! × 4! × 2! × 3!) / 11!]

= [(24 × 2 × 6) / (11 × 10 × 9 × 8 × 7 × 6)]

= 1/1155

Q 5. The profit earned when Anil sold an article for Rs. 800 is 20 times the loss incurred when it is sold for Rs.275. At what price should Anil sell the article if it is desired to make a profit of 25%.

  1. Rs. 365
  2. Rs. 375
  3. Rs. 355
  4. Rs. 385
  5. Rs. 395

Answer: 2

Solution 5:

Let the loss incurred at Rs. 275 is x.

The profit at Rs.800 = 20x

21x = 800 – 275 = 525

x = 25

The cost price of article = Rs.(275 + 25) = Rs.300

To get a profit of 25%, the selling price = 1.25 × 300 = Rs. 375

Directions (6-7): What will come in place of question marks (?)

Find an approximate value:

Q 6.

39.001 × 14.998 – 28.01 × 10.02 = (36 + ?) × 5.012

  1. 21
  2. 22
  3. 24
  4. 26
  5. 25

Answer: 5

Solution 6:

39 × 15 – 28 × 10 = (36 + ?) × 5

585 – 280 = (36 + ?) × 5

305 / 5 = 36 + ?

61 = 36 + ?

? = 25

Q 7.

794.99 ÷ 15.001 + 768.025 ÷ 12.012 – 1273.025 ÷ 18.999 = ?

  1. 51
  2. 71
  3. 66
  4. 61
  5. 92

Answer: 1

Solution 7:

795 ÷ 15 + 768 ÷ 12 – 1273 ÷ 19 = ?

53 + 65 – 67 = ?

118 – 67 = 51

Directions (8-9): In the given number series, one number is wrong. Choose the number which does not follow the set pattern.

Q 8.

1 37 62 74 85 89

  1. 62
  2. 85
  3. 74
  4. 89
  5. 1

Answer: 3

Solution 8:

1 + 62 = 37

37 + 52 = 62

62 + 42 = 76

76 + 32 = 85

85 + 22 = 89

Q 9.

46 89 117 353 705

  1. 89
  2. 46
  3. 705
  4. 117
  5. 353

Answer: 2

Solution 9:

45 × 2 – 1 = 89

89 × 2 -1 = 117

117 × 2 – 1 = 353

353 × 2 – 1 = 705

Directions (10-12): Study the information given below and answer the following questions:

Six persons Ajay, Bhanu, Chandan, Dinesh, Elesh and Firoz are sitting around a round table facing the centre of the table. They have ordered different flavours of ice cream – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch, mango and coffee. All the people are wearing T-shirts of different colours, i.e. grey, golden, purple, maroon, pink and orange. Order of the items and colours of T-shirts are not necessarily according to the order of their names.

The person who has ordered for chocolate, vanilla and mango flavour of ice cream are neither in grey nor in golden T-shirt. The persons who are in purple and pink T-shirts have neither ordered for chocolate nor for vanilla. Ajay is neither in grey T-shirt nor on the immediate left of the person who has ordered for butterscotch. The only person who is in between Elesh and Firoz eats ice cream of strawberry flavour. The person who is on the left side of the person in the grey T-shirt does not eat coffee. Dinesh has ordered for butterscotch and the colour of his T-shirt is purple. Dinesh is facing the person who has ordered the strawberry flavoured ice cream. One who has ordered for chocolate is seated opposite to the person wearing an orange T-shirt, while the person whose T-shirt is of purple colour is on the left of the person who has ordered for mango. One who has ordered for coffee is on the immediate right of the person in a grey T-shirt but on the immediate left of the person who has ordered vanilla ice cream. Chandan has not ordered for vanilla while Firoz has not ordered for chocolate.

Q 10. What colour T-shirt does Chandan wear?

  1. Purple
  2. Grey
  3. Maroon
  4. Pink
  5. Orange

Answer: 2

Q 11. How many people sit between Dinesh and the one who likes chocolate ice cream, when counted anti-clockwise?

  1. 1
  2. 4
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. More than 4

Answer: 1

Q 12. Which of the given combinations is incorrect?

  1. Chandan-grey-strawberry
  2. Dinesh-purple-butterscotch
  3. Bhanu-orange-vanilla
  4. Firoz-golden-coffee
  5. Ajay-pink-chocolate

Answer: 5

Solution (10-12):

SSC CHSL Mock tests - Questions And Answer

Directions (13-15): Read the information given below and answer the following questions:

In a certain code language ‘mn fn bn gn’ is written as ‘trains are always late’

‘Gn dn cn hn’ is written as ‘drivers were always punished’

‘Bn cn vn rn’ is written as ‘drivers stopped all trains’

‘Dn kn fn vn’ is written as ‘all passengers were late’

Q 13. What will be the code for ‘rn’?

  1. Punished
  2. Driver
  3. Passenger
  4. Stopped
  5. Either ‘trains’ or ‘driver’

Answer: 4

Q 14. What will be the code for ‘all passengers punished’?

  1. Hn vn kn
  2. Vn bn fn
  3. Cn mn kn
  4. Vn dn rn
  5. Hn bn kn

Answer: 1

Q 15. What will be the code for ‘always’?

  1. Hn
  2. Fn
  3. Gn
  4. Kn
  5. Dn

Answer: 3

Solution (13-15):

Punished – hn

Stopped – rn

Always – gn

Late – fn

Trains – bn

Were – dn

Are – mn

Driver – cn

Passengers – kn

All – vn

Directions (16-17): In the following questions, three statements are given followed by two conclusions. Based on the conclusions mark the correct answer:

Q 16:

Statement I: Some ships are boats

Statement II: All boats are submarines

Statement III: Some submarines are ships

Conclusion I: At least submarines are boats

Conclusion II: All boats are ships

  1. Only conclusion I follows
  2. Only conclusion II follows
  3. Both conclusion I and II follow
  4. Either conclusion I or II follows
  5. Neither conclusion I nor II follows

Answer: 5

Solution 16:

SSC CHSL Mock test - Questions And Answer

Q 17:

Statement I: All artists are dancers

Statement II: All singers are an athlete

Statement III: Some singers are artists

Conclusion I: Some athletes are artists

Conclusion II: Some dancers are athletes

  1. Only conclusion I follows
  2. Only conclusion II follows
  3. Both conclusion I and II follows
  4. Either conclusion I or II follows
  5. Neither conclusion I nor II follows

Answer: 3

Solution 17:

SSC CHSL Mock Test - Questions And Answer

Q 18: X is the son of Y. Z, Y is sister, has a son N and a daughter O. J is the maternal uncle of N. Then how is O related to Y?

  1. Nephew
  2. Niece
  3. Granddaughter
  4. Grandson
  5. Aunt

Answer: 2

Solution 18:

Y, Z and J are siblings.

Z is the mother of N and O

X is the daughter of Y

O is the daughter of Z

N is the son of Z

Directions (19-20): In the following questions, select the word that fits well in both the two sentences given below.

Q 19.

I: The company ______ a good production year due to a good harvest.

II: The budget ______ a two-fold increase in this year’s turnover.

  1. Envisages
  2. Requests
  3. Urges
  4. Requirement
  5. Demanded

Answer: 1

Q 20.

I: We ______ the room with an instant geyser.

II: He ______ his kids the money for the science project.

  1. Enhanced
  2. Arranged
  3. Prepared
  4. Provided
  5. Installed

Answer: 4

Directions (21-22): In the following questions, a word is given in bold. The word has been used in four different sentences from 1 to 4. Choose the option in which the usage of the word is incorrect.

Q 21. Broke

  1. Ritu and her boyfriend broke up before they moved in together.
  2. The children broke the windows while playing cricket.
  3. The prisoners broke out of jail when the guards weren’t looking.
  4. I broke up in a rash after our camping trip.


  1. Both 1 and 2
  2. Only 1
  3. Only 4
  4. Only 3
  5. Both 4 and 3

Answer: 3

Q 22. Mark

  1. They can clearly mark the boundaries up with the yellow tape.
  2. Ritu would have shopped more if the prices were marked slightly down.
  3. The clerk will mark prices down later in the day.
  4. The manager will mark up the prices that the clerk marked down.
  1. Only 1
  2. Only 2
  3. All are correct
  4. Both 2 and 3
  5. Only 4

Answer: 2

Q 23. In the question given below, one word is given in bold. From the options, choose the word which is the most similar in meaning:


  1. Agitated
  2. Tranquil
  3. Turbulent
  4. Clamorous
  5. Noisy

Answer: 2

Solution 23:

Placid means calm and composed

Q 24. In the question given below, one word is given in bold. From the options, choose the word which is the most opposite in meaning:


  1. Achiever
  2. Dormant
  3. Paralyzed
  4. Torpid
  5. Inanimate

Answer: 1

Solution 24:

Sluggard means lazy and dull

Q 25. Select a word from the given options to replace in the black space in the following question.

Alleviate : Aggravate : : Elastic : ________

  1. Flexible
  2. Strong
  3. Malleable
  4. Rigid
  5. Bright

Answer: 4

Candidates must attempt the SSC CHSL free online mock tests for better results. For details regarding other government exams, candidates can visit the linked article.

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Frequently Asked Question – SSC CHSL Online Mock Tests

Q.1. What type of questions are asked in all the phases of SSC CHSL exam?

Ans. Candidates are asked objective-type questions in SSC CHSL Tier I exam. The CHSL Tier II paper contains descriptive questions on letter/essay/application writing while SSC CHSL Tier III exam is a skill/typing test.

Q.2. Does BYJU’S provide solutions to SSC CHSL Free Mock Tests?

Ans. Yes, each online mock tests of SSC CHSL gives the answer and detailed solutions to all the questions.

Q.3. Why should I choose BYJU’S SSC CHSL online mock tests series?

Ans. BYJU’S SSC CHSL Mock Tests are designed by the experts with an aim to provide the best preparation for SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level 2020-21 exam. The full length and section-wise SSC CHSL online mock tests simulate the real exam scenario. The detailed solution of all the questions after each practice paper gives performance reports and thus helps candidates to work on the weak sections to score better marks in the final exams.

Q.4. Can a candidate retake the SSC CHSL practice papers to improve his score?

Ans. As the Free SSC CHSL online mock tests are available in PDF format, candidates can download the pdf and solve the SSC CHSL sample papers offline to practice and improve.

Q 5. How can a candidate choose the right SSC CHSL Sample Papers?

Ans. The digital resource can help candidates find out various SSC CHSL free online mock tests or sample papers, but they must clarify which mock papers will be good enough to help them improve their quality of performance in the SSC CHSL 2020-21 exam. Here the parameters to choose right SSC CHSL sample papers or online test series:

  • Firstly, candidates must make sure that the SSC CHSL free online mock tests are aligned with the latest exam pattern and syllabus.
  • The SSC CHSL free mock tests must have unique standardised questions.
  • Moderate levels of questions must be included in the SSC CHSL practice papers
  • The practice papers of SSC CHSL must be accessible without any technical issues.
  • The analysis report of SSC CHSL Online Test Series must give clarity on strengths and weaknesses with regards to the SSC CHSL Syllabus.

Q.6. How to prepare for SSC CHSL exam in 3 months?

Ans. To prepare effectively for the SSC CHSL Exam one must have a lot of reference books handy. These books help them focus better on the subject matter and ultimately score well in the exam. Some important subject wise SSC CHSL Books along with useful preparation tips are given in the SSC CHSL Preparation page.

Q.7. Can a candidate attempt SSC CHSL Online Test series offline also?

Ans. Yes, candidates can download the SSC CHSL Mock Tests PDF and can attempt it offline as many times as they want.

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