Prepare IBPS PO 2020 Exam Without Coaching

Bank jobs are dream occupations for most of the aspirants.  As a banker, you have your goals and your dreams set. If you are thinking of getting through the IBPS PO 2020 examination without coaching, that might just be the best decision that you’re making.

Why you may ask? Well because you study on your own terms, like how much to study, what to study, what topics to give more focus on when would be the best time to study; like morning time or night time, etc. So basically all you need to do is to find the correct form of guidance to move forward.

All you need to do is stay focused, stay positive and plan your preparation. Remember, don’t get demotivated and stay away from negative people and negative thoughts. Make a daily schedule, follow it religiously and remember to take a break from time to time, don’t overdo yourself.

Don’t depend on the last minute study, last 15-20 day preparation will give you NO good if you are choosing to self-study be truthful to yourself, why? Because you are investing a great time of your life studying, preparing then why not make the most out of the invested time and get through the examination.

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Key points to keep in mind while IBPS preparation:

  • Everyday mock tests are a must.
  • Timed mock tests will help you perform in pressure.
  • Focus more on the areas where you are wrong in the mock tests.
  • Mock tests give you a clear picture of your concepts.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get a hold on the areas where you are strong in, and make them perfect.
  • There is no room for confusion. Be clear.
  • Hard work never goes to waste.
  • Believe in yourself. But also remember over-confidence kills the opportunity.
  • most importantly, keep updated with the latest exam pattern and syllabus.

Know the detailed IBPS PO exam pattern in the linked article.

Ways to figure out your strength and weaknesses:

  • Good Speed, Good Accuracy: You have a clear concept, you just need to practice.
  • Bad speed, Good Accuracy: Practice as much as you can. Set a timer, that will pressure you and prepare you to solve questions within the given duration. Practice improves speed, practice clears concepts.
  • Good Speed, Bad Accuracy: Analyze your weak areas, figure out where you lack. Figure out the pattern of your mistakes; assesses and improve.
  • Bad Speed, Bad Accuracy: Focus on this section the most. Work on tips, work on short-cuts. Improve your technique. Improve these areas.

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Once you have made your assessment, make yourself familiar with your mistakes. IBPS PO examination consists of various sections such as Quantitative Aptitude, English language, computer awareness, Reasoning, logical reasoning and General Knowledge.

Let’s divide the subjects into simple sections.

Quantitative Section:

The basic idea here is to get your concepts clear. To get your concepts clear you need to have good analysis as well as practice is a must.

  • First focus on accuracy and speed
  • Learn shortcuts for various complex calculations, this will reduce your calculation time.
  • Time yourself for various types of questions; this practice would strengthen your concepts.
  • Learn time management. Don’t waste more than necessary time on a particular question, that would affect your performance in other questions.

Reasoning Section:

  • This section reflects your thinking ability, so main focus here is on the approach you follow.
  • Also, how you think and solve the situation in the limited time.
  • To master this section, you have to practice a lot
  • Work most on the input-output, puzzles, coding-decoding, blood relation etc.

English Section:

  • Target on the root of words, this develops the logic of deriving the meaning of the word from the word.
  • You should understand the meaning of the sentences because tough words confuse you.
  • Read books and newspaper these two are best ways to improve your English.  Writing as well as speaking.
  • Play word game online such as crossword and scrabble help you develop your concentration.
  • Use memory tricks to learn and retain.
  • Your skills can be best judged in comprehension, practice every day.
  • Reading of newspaper will develop your professional speaking skills and also it would keep you updated with general awareness.

Check out the list of important IBPS Books to prepare well for the examinations.

General Knowledge

This section has no boundaries. This section needs 100% accuracy. If you’re bad at this, the entire game can be changed. Be perfect at it.

  • Read newspaper daily, make it a habit.
  • Read “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, these editions cover all the updates around the world and in the most concise manner.
  • As a bank aspirant, you can subscribe various magazines to keep yourself updated about banks are “Pratiyogita Darpan”, “Banking Services Chronicle”, “Business Today” “Soul of Banking Awareness”, “Banking Drive” etc.
  • Watch news every day. News always gives you a clearer idea about what’s happening around the world.

Computer Section:

  • Be clear with your computer concepts.
  • Subscribe to the “Computer Digest”.
  • Solve computer quizzes daily.
  • Books from Arihant and Kiran publication will help you in a great deal.

you can check detailed IBPS PO Syllabus in the linked page.

Remember you are not alone in this race, so put your best foot forward. Don’t let negativity affect you in any way. You are one of a gem, believe in that. Basics are very important in any section, realize that, master them. All the very best.

For any further assistance, Byju’s counselors are always here to guide you.

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