CBSE Study Material For Class 11


The Central Board of Secondary Education is a well-known educational board in India which is shortly known as CBSE Board. The educational board is famous for its well-structured syllabus and the quality of education it provides to all its learners. The syllabus of the board is designed in such a way that it implants the best learning habit to all students and builds interest in all the subjects. Here the study materials for class 11 is provided to help 11th standard CBSE students to prepare for their examination in a better way.

Class 11 is one of the most important stages in a student’s life. The syllabus of CBSE class 11 is included and is very crucial for class 12th main examination. Students failing to understand the concepts of class 11 may face lots of difficulties in class 12 and also in their future. So to help students understand each and every topic of class 11 in an interactive manner, BYJU’S is providing all 11th standard students with the complete CBSE study materials for class 11.

The 11th study material for CBSE board will help students to understand each and every topic of their board exam from the basic level. The study material for class 11 also provide notes and solved examples so that students do not face any kind of problem while preparing for their exam.

The CBSE 11th standard study material covers all the topics of physics, chemistry, biology, and maths. Students are advised to go through the study materials on a regular basis to excel in the exam.

The study material for class 11 is given in the table mentioned below along with important questions, sample papers, practice papers, NCERT solutions for class 11, question papers, CBSE practicals, and model test papers.

Click the links in the table below to get the CBSE study materials for class 11:

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The characteristics and an example of a synovial joint in humans is