Geography Questions in UPSC Mains

Geography Questions are a part of UPSC Mains General Studies Paper-I. Previous years’ questions help candidates prepare as per the need of the IAS Exam.

Download the Geography Questions of UPSC Mains 2013-2019 from the linked article.

You can download the PDF of Geography Questions 2020 asked in GS Paper 1 of UPSC Mains below.

Geography Questions – UPSC Mains 2020

As geography is a vast subject, the questions are categorized under the following:

  • Physical Geography
  • Climate
  • Resources
  • Urbanization
  • Industrial Location

Candidates should note two things before they start preparing for Geography for general studies paper:

  1. You should relate current affairs and the UPSC syllabus so that you can predict questions for the forthcoming exam.
    • In previous year papers, there have been questions on cyclones, formation of cyclones, naming of cyclones because of the occurrence of cyclones those years. Similarly, prepare questions keeping in mind the current events and happenings that frequent the newspapers.
  2. UPSC Question Papers are one of the most important tools to analyze the trend in questions.

Physical Geography Questions in UPSC Mains 2020

  1. Discuss the geophysical characteristics of Circum- Pacific Zone.
  2. The interlinking of rivers can provide viable solutions to the multi-dimensional inter-related problems of droughts, floods, and interrupting navigation. Critically examine.

Find the notes on some important topics of physical geography below:

Climate Questions in UPSC Mains 2020

  1. The process of desertification does not have climate boundaries. Justify with examples.

Check the below-mentioned topics important from the climate point of view:

Resources Questions in UPSC Mains 2020

  1. How will the melting of Himalayan glaciers have a far-reaching impact on the water resources of India?
  2. India has immense potential for solar energy though there are regional variations in its developments. Elaborate.
  3. Examine the status of forest resources of India and its resultant impact on climate change.

Check related concepts from the links given below:

Urbanization Questions in UPSC Mains 2020

  1. Account for the huge flooding of million cities in India including the smart ones like Hyderabad and Pune. Suggest lasting remedial measures.

Read about some related concepts from the links mentioned below:

Industrial Location Questions in UPSC Mains 2020

  1. Account for the present location of iron and steel industries away from the source of raw material, by giving examples.

Candidates can download the previous year questions of other UPSC subjects from the links below:


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